$1000 Gurkhas and Maduro Ding Dongs

The rain has finally stopped up here in the middle of nowhere NY, and you know what that means, time to sneak outside, enjoy the cool breeze, a cigar, some talk radio and to think and ponder about stuff and things. Today’s smoke, one I have had before, this being my second bundle, is the Immortal. While looking at its fancy large gold band, it got me thinking about some of the extravagant and insane cigars, and the whole wide variety of odd shaped novelty cigars out there. Sure, I can understand the idea behind a manufacturer coming up with radical ideas to boosts sales and gain new interest, but some of them just baffle me. For example, Gurkha has a cigar that runs around $1000 per stick, and $10k for a box. Now with Gurkhas track record, who would spend that much cash on them? Other than Bill Clinton of course, he’s a big fan and buys them by the box as he and Hillary go around the country saying how poor they are, with their $43 million dollar bank account, but I won’t get into that. I’ll get irritated. Then there is the cigar wrapped in gold leaf, where you smoke the gold with the cigar. Not only would I never smoke something like that but also I couldn’t justify dropping a couple hundred bucks on a single cigar. Reviews of said cigar included a lot of people who said they were disappointed. So I guess that’s my point, I understand the point of making them, but if you are going to charge that much, it better damn well be worth it. Limited editions, rare tobaccos, collector editions, yes I think they are good for the industry, they create interest and demand. Cigar companies teaming up with Hollywood to take advantage of the fans of shows, for example, The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy, both extremely successful shows that feature cigar smoking lead characters, a great opportunity to help the cigar industry. I know the Sopranos collector sets are highly sought after, and as far as the Sons of Anarchy, they are a real good cigar and are a good seller. Some novelty cigars confuse me. Some companies think that if they make weird shapes it will attract new customers to boost sales. I’m not talking about out of the ordinary cigars like barber poles, or culebras, I’m talking about the ones shaped like pipes, foot balls, baseball bats, trumpets, and even, yes even, penises. Barber poles I can understand, its a way to use different wrappers together to create a new smoking experience with the combination of different flavors from the different wrappers. Some are just 2 wrappers that look like a traditional barber pole, some have multiple wrappers creating intricate designs or even a cammo look. Culebras I can understand and appreciate because they have a 200 year history and there’s a reason for how they look. But a pipe shaped cigar? I’m not saying that they are bad cigars or anything, I have never smoked one. Would I? Sure I would. However, I already smoke a pipe, why would I need a cigar shaped like one? Drew Estate has the Egg, something I thought looked awkward, and having smoked one, they are an enjoyable smoke, and yes awkward to smoke due to its shape. The penis shaped cigar, come on, seriously. Cigars are already phallic shaped to begin with, do we really need one that is anatomically correct? I’m perfectly secure in my sexuality but would you ever see me walking down the street puffing on one? Nope. Whats next? A dog shaped cigar where you suck the smoke out of its ass? How about a gold leaf covered vagina cigar? For all I know there might be one out there like that. I saw one shaped like a trumpet, it would take me a day and a half just to figure out how to smoke it. Then theres the trend of huge cigars. I like big cigars, but when is big too big? You have ones out there 18+ inches long that take 2 days to smoke. I had one last week that was an 80 ring, huge yes, but I enjoyed it even if it did take almost 4 hours to smoke. I’m not saying these cigars are a bad thing, I find them fascinating even if I don’t really understand the thought behind them. It can help bring interest to the cigar industry, and no doubt it takes a lot of hard work and talent to create them, and I always enjoy seeing people thinking outside the box. Someday I hope to try out some of these creations. What are your thoughts?
Until next time, keep smoking and being creative.

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