Alec Bradley “Black Market Vandal”




Name: Alec Bradley “Black Market Vandal”


Country of origin: Honduras            20150115_165000

Size: 6.25”x 54

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Sumatra

Filler: Honduran/Panamanian

Shape: Toro

 Price: 7$





Well my Brothers and Sisters of the leaf, welcome to my first ever cigar blog review! Today I will be attempting to put words together to make coherent sentences to review a cigar. The cigar I will be reviewing is the “Black Market Vandal” by Alec Bradley. Now even though the cigar is by Alec Bradley, the actual creator of this cigar is a gentleman by the name of Alan Rubin who was also the creator of the original Black Market. The Black Market Vandal is supposed to be along the same lines of the original Black Market but with one big difference… a special “super secret” tobacco leaf. Now I am not sure if this is true or not, but if it is, great! I am looking forward to it. Now, I actually got this cigar in the mail last week with my Cigar of the Month club membership through Cigar International and it looked so good, I decided that I would go ahead and make it my first review. So let’s get into it!


So like I said earlier this cigar is absolutely beautiful. The cigar has an oily, reddish-brown wrapper, the body is firm to the touch, and the wrapper has a bit of tooth. It has visible seams and a considerable amount of large veins running throughout the body . The cigar band is rather large. It is actually half the size of the cigar, but it really catches your eye. I must admit I really like it. The cigar construction looks flawless! I do not see any water stains or discoloration of any kind and it is topped off with a gorgeous triple cap to seal the deal.

20150115_165018 20150115_165120











Smoking Characteristics:

As with many of the Alec Bradley cigars I have smoked, I felt that the construction of the Black Market Vandal was flawless! At first light, I felt the draw was a bit snug. But after a couple of draws, it began to loosen up and eventually reached the perfect level, which to me is a happy medium between not being tight, and not free flowing which really helped to open up the flavors. The cigar burned a little wavy throughout and I only had one slight touch up during my transition into the second third. The cigar is a slow burning cigar, it took me nearly 2 hours to smoke even with me calling it quits a little early. I had no tunneling issues or any cracking on the cigar, which made it a worry free smoke for me. The ash was a very nice salt and pepper and a little flaky, but still held on all the way to the half way point before falling off. Overall, a very well-constructed cigar!

20150116_101552 20150116_102737

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

For me this cigar was very enjoyable all the way up to the last third where the power became too much, at least for me. This is not a stick that I would suggest giving to someone that is just entering into the cigar world, rather, it would be for someone with a more educated palate whom also enjoys power. Even though the wood, sweetness, and floral flavors were there throughout the cigar, they continuously shift from the forefront to the back where they became very subtle, which always kept you guessing and kicking your taste buds into overdrive.

I would say this cigar was a pleasure to smoke. It will keep you on your toes and looking forward to what different flavor you may pick up with each draw.







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