Tabacos El Triunfador by Tatuaje

Name: Tabacos El Triunfador by Tatuaje

Country of origin: Nicaragua20150210_152122

Size: 5 x 48

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Shape: Robusto

Price: $ 7.50


Welcome back! Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the Tabacos El Triunfador by Tatuaje. With the dream team combination of owner Pete Johnson and the legendary blender Don “Pepin” Garcia at the helm, Tatuaje is at the top of their game.  El Triunfador actually translates to “the achiever” and today I am excited to see what they have achieved with this beautiful stick! So let’s get into it!



The  El Triunfador come to me today as a slightly boxed pressed cigar, wrapped in a beautiful walnut brown wrapper, a considerable amount of veins, tight and visible seams, and a very good-looking triple cap. The wrapper has a slight tooth and the body feels firmly packed. The El Triunfador felt perfect in my hand, like it was meant to be held by my hands, love the feeling of it. The wrapper did have a couple of slight tears, but nothing to go crying home about. All in all, a beautiful stick.



Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

The aroma that was emanating off the body of the El Triunfador was just a very nice barnyard aroma.  At first light, the El Triunfador slapped me right in the mouth with a blast of pepper, which eventually settled down into a very pleasing oak and leather flavor. The pepper did hang around on the finish, though it was so subtle I almost didn’t mention it in this part, but decided I must. These flavors lasted throughout the entire cigar, never once changing. Not that I am complaining, leather happens to be one of my favorite flavors to get in a cigar. Actually, with this cigar the smoke was my favorite part. It was very rich and creamy, coating your mouth with the beautiful leather and oak flavors, making the finish very long and enjoyable. At no point did I pick up any bitterness, not even on the first lite, or any harshness from the  El Triunfador. And at the end, I was left satisfied with this gorgeous oak, leather, and slightly spicy smoke.

20150131_095255 20150131_100556


Smoking Characteristics:

The  El Triunfador, I felt, smoked very well. The draw was perfect, big plumes of smoke, very nice burn time, and like I said before felt absolutely perfect in my hand. Burn lines on the El Triunfador were a bit wavy, and did need a slight touch up in the last third, but was never so bad that it affected the smoke itself. The ash was a very nice salt and pepper color, holding on strong until right around the half way point.

20150131_100959 20150131_103320


Conclusion/Overall Impression:

Overall the El Triunfador was a very nice stick. This is the perfect example of a fire and forget stick. The flavors were very nice, accompanied by the rich and creamy smoke output. Never really worried about the burn, or if I was over heating it, it was just very enjoyable. I look forward to getting more of these to fill up my humidor with.

Hope you enjoyed it, and until next time, keep it smokey!



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