Country of origin:  Nicaragua10962029_10204719487880851_404663405_n (2)

Size: 4 x 60

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro

Binder: Brazilian Maduro

Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-filler

Price: $7.50


Welcome back to another smoke session! Today I am going to review the Nub Double Maduro, or as some call it, the Nub Dub. A little back ground on the Nub, The Nub itself is brought to you by a company by the name of Studio Tobac, who also make the Cain line of cigars. Studio Tobac was actually born with in the Oliva cigar company in 2007. I am sure most of you have heard of the Oliva Cigar company. They brought you the Oliva Serie V Meliano which took home cigar of the year last year. Don’t think that Studio Tobac doesn’t make a great line of cigars. They themselves have numerous 90+ rated cigar such as the Cain Daytona, Nub Maduro 460, Cain F 550, and the Cain F. So they are a powerhouse in their own right. But enough of all that, Let’s get into it!



When I first picked up this gorgeous boxed press Nub, the first thing I wanted to do was take a bite out of it. This little guy is wrapped in one of the most appealing smooth, dark chocolate wrappers I have ever seen. My mouth went into instant salvation mode. The body has minimal veins, tight and invisible seems, a very nice triple cap, and two very nice bands. So why the name Double Maduro? Well, that comes from the fact that this little beaut is wrapped in not one but two (double) maduro wrapper leafs.One of the leafs acting as the binder and the other as the actual wrapper. By using two leafs this little guy is able to put out a much stronger array of nuances to attack your taste buds.


Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

Radiating from the body of the Nub Double Maduro are aromas of barnyard and earth. Off the foot still the barnyard and earth with a slight sweetness and pepper that was not present on the body. Smells like the making of a great smoke, we will see!

On first lite, I was met with a very full and rich smoke, with hints of coffee, and pepper on the retro. These flavors were the most prominent throughout the 1/3, intensifying of course as I moved further into the 1/3. The pepper was strongest on the retro, which is where I usually pick it up. As I transitioned into the 2/3, a beautiful chocolate made its way into the mix. It was here that the  smoke really started to open up, turning very creamy and rich coating your mouth with chocolates, and coffee. The pepper at this point seemed to dissipate, as I was not picking up on it anymore even on the retro. But that didn’t hold me back as the coffee and chocolate were enough to satisfy me on every draw. Then, as I transitioned to the half way point, the chocolate moved in like a bat out of hell. I mean big chocolate! and it was from one draw to the next, every other flavor just seemed to drop and chocolate took completely over.Lasting all the way into the  last third where the chocolate did begin to settle just a little. The pepper did step back in, but it was not strong enough to over shadow that creamy chocolate smoke. Very Enjoyable to the very end, and oh yeah NO POWER, right up my alley!


Smoking Characteristics:

What can I say, The Nub Double Maduro performed absolutely perfect. The construction was solid, no tunneling, straight burn lines, and the ash held on very strong. From start to finish the draw was perfect, producing large beautiful plumes of rich creamy smoke, maintaining consistent flavors with no bitterness at any point. Just perfect!


Conclusion/Overall Impression:

I have to say , when I first lit this cigar up I was very skeptical. I have heard that the Nub itself has over heating issues, and were fast smokes , and just all sorts of things that were, quite frankly, completely wrong!  The Nub Dub lasted nearly an hour for me. Never once did I have any over heating, and the flavors were just huge! The old saying big things come in small packages held true today with this great little smoke. This cigar would be great to give to a friend just starting off or to your more experienced buddies. So if you get a chance to get your hands on this little guy, DO IT! You will  not be disappointed. If you have smoked this little guy, leave me a comment below let me know what your take was and if you had a similar experience!


Thanks Again and always remember to keep it smokey!


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