Villiger Colorado

Name: Villiger ColoradoIMG_0540

Size: 5.5 x 54

Wrapper: Jalapa Colorado

Binder: Esteli Habano and Ometepe Habano

Filler: Nicaraguan

Shape: Double Robusto

Price: $9.00


The Villiger Colorado has been eye-balling me for the last two months as it sat in my humidor, almost screaming at me every time I opened my humidor. Well good buddy, today is the day you get your chance to impress me. Villiger Cigars North America is actually a sister company that was created in order to service the cigar enthusiast here in the United States.  Villiger Sons Limited, the original company, was established in 1888 in a small town in Switzerland by the name of Pfeffikon, and is still located there today, acting as the company’s headquarters. The Villiger Cigar Company is definitely not a new kid on the block! Now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s get into it!


The Villiger Colorado is an absolute pleasure to look at. This Double Robusto is wrapped in a very appealing dark, oily, and slightly toothy Jalapa Colorado wrapper. It has a clean double cap, could be triple, I can’t really tell because the line are almost invisible. The body is slightly veiny with invisible seams and is tightly packed. The double band on this cigar is just like the cigar, very appealing.  You can tell this cigar is very well made, as soon as you get it in your hands.  TWO THUMBS UP!

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

The aromas coming off the body of this beautiful stick were notes of dark chocolate and a slight nuttiness. After the cutting, a slightly tight pre-light draw, that I hope opens up, brought me notes of earth and a slight sweetness. The first draw after lighting, meet me with notes of pepper and a nice sweetness, the pepper being the most prominent. I was really expecting something a little different, but we will see what happens after we give the cigar a chance to warm up a little bit.  Now about an inch in, the pepper has moved from being on the forefront, to really only being noticed on the retro. A very nice nuttiness and chocolate has moved in, along with a thickening of the smoke, making it very chewy and enjoyable. As I transitioned into the 2/3, the nuttiness that I was picking up has transformed into a nice woody flavor, the chocolate now being very subtle is only on the finish.  A lot of transitions were going on at this point, sadly this would be the end of the transition. The wood flavors stayed strong throughout the rest of the cigar. There was a slight dark chocolate that came up every so often on the finish, but really this stick was all about the wood.  The smoke stayed chewy and creamy enhancing the wood flavors. The flavors off the Villiger Colorado were mild to medium, and not very complex, but they were enjoyable.

Smoking Characteristics:

The Villiger Colorado, as I expected, performed nicely. On the pre-light draw, the draw felt a little snug, but as I got a little further into the cigar the draw fixed itself. The ash was an even salt and pepper that held on all the way to the half way point before falling in a large heavy ash that actually made a loud thud when it hit the ground. The Villiger had a nice burn rate, taking me just over an hour and twenty minutes to finish up. I did need to do a slight touch up in the 2/3rd, but it was nothing too bad and I actually didn’t give it a chance to fix itself. All in all a very well-constructed cigar, but hey, would you expect anything less from a company that has been around over a decade?

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

Well, The Villiger Colorado was everything that I was expecting from a company as old as they are. Great construction, suitable flavors, and great smoking characteristics. If you are somebody who loves woody flavors in your cigars, then I suggest you check this bad boy out. Personally,  I feel that for the price and in this vitola, the Colorado just does not bring enough to the party!  I wanted to get more out of it. The wood alone, even with chocolate every so often, was just not enough for me to say “Yup, I want more of these” the way, let’s say,  the NUB Double Maduro did. Now I am not saying the cigar wasn’t good, because it was, just that  I would like to try some of the other vitolas. I feel that in the right vitola, the wood and the more subtle chocolate would be enhanced and then  I could be swayed to get a box!

So there it is my Brother and Sister! I hope you enjoyed it, and always remember to Keep it on the LEVEL!


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