601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco–Cigar Review

601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco

Shape: Tronco (Robusto)

Size: 5 x 52

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper Color: Oscuro

Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan

Wrapper Leaf: Habano


601 green label oscuro
Welcome back to Tony’s Cigar Corner where today I am smoking the 601 Green Label Oscuro. This beautifully made Habano Oscuro cigar is produced under the watchful eye of Erik Espinosa in his very own factory, the La Zona, in Esteli, Nicaragua. Mr. Espinosa has been involved in every aspect of the cigar industry, working with some of the biggest names in the biz such as Rocky Patel, Drew Estates, Gurkha and Alec Bradley to name a few. Just because he is working with some of the biggest names in the biz doesn’t mean he is not producing highly rated cigars himself, because by golly he is doing just that! In 2004 Mr. Espinosa and his former partner, Eddie Ortega, formed EO Brands, which produced the highly rated cigars 601, Murcielago, Cubao and 601 La Bomba. Here are just a few of the Awards they have received.

The 601 Connecticut Robusto received an 88 rating in the February, 2007, issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine.

  • The  Habano (red label) Robusto received a 90 rating in the October 2007 issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine.
  • The 601 (green label) La Punta received a 91 rating in the Sept./Oct. issue of Cigar Snob magazine.
  • The 601 (blue label) was given Robb Reports ‘Best of the best’ for 2008. It also received a 91 rating in Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar Insider publication.


601 green label oscuro

The Wrapper

When I think of Oscuro, I always think of this really dark cigar wrapper, almost black, but that is not the case with this Habano Oscuro wrapper. This 601 green label oscuro is wrapped in a veiny, toothy, semi-oily chocolate brown wrapper. The veins along the body range from very fine to medium in size. The body itself is densely packed with no soft spots and is capped off with a somewhat neat looking double cap.

Body Notes

On the body, I pick up on some nice barnyard aromas with subtle undertones of chocolate. On the foot, there are stronger notes of spice present which triggers an immediate sneeze and tingling sensation in my nose.


Cigar Review - 601 Oscuro

Smoking notes

On the light, I honestly expected to get a rush of pepper, especially after my experience with the foot of this 601.But that is not at all what I experienced. My initial impression was one of sweetness, which caught me completely off guard. The sweetness was very pleasant and was accompanied with a heavy smoke that laid thick on my palate. As I progressed through the 601 Oscuro, I experienced notes of chocolate, licorice, and pepper throughout. They constantly shifted from the front of my palate to the finish, never being in one spot for too long. The smoke was very pleasant also, staying rich in texture and on the exhale would fill the room with aromatic smoke that people around me were enjoying. The other soldiers standing around kept saying “damn Sergeant that smells spicy!” which is funny because on the palate that was not the experience I was having. Don’t get me wrong, there was some spice to this cigar, but it was more of an undertone to the sweet licorice notes and chocolate.


No complaints here! From start to finish, the 601 performed flawless. With a beautiful draw and perfect burn lines, this cigar was a true fire and forget cigar.


Much like the burn and draw, no complaints in the ash department. The Ash would fall close to each transition point reaching the inch to inch and a half point each time, always staying a grayish white in color and displayed a nice stacked quarter appearance.


Cigar Review - 601 Oscuro

Overall Impression

Here we are at the end and time for me to give my final thoughts. Overall, I found the 601 green label oscuro to be a very good full flavored and medium to full bodied cigar. The price point for this cigar is right around the 6-7 dollar mark and that it is a very reasonable price for what you are getting. The range of notes and complexity of the 601 Oscuro are very pleasing to the palate and make for an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend that you give the 601 Oscuro a shot.

Thank you again for check out my review and make sure to comment below and share!



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