Acid Blondie

Name: Acid Blondie

 Country of origin: Nicaragua

Size: 4 x 38

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Shape: Corona

Price: $4


Alright, this was never really a smoke that I thought I would review, but my wife insisted that I do it. I actually have no issue with it, there are a huge number of people that love these infused sticks from Drew Estates, my wife being one. Drew Estates is known all around the world, so much so that I am sure there is no need to go into great detail about who they are. Let’s get right into it!


The Acid Blondie came to me in a very attractive and smooth, natural Connecticut shade wrapper. The Blondie has what looks like a large single cap with a little tail poking out of the top. The body has minimal veins, tight invisible seams, and a beautifully cut foot. The Blondie does not feel tightly packed, as there is a little give to the body. The band on the Blondie is very cool, has a psychedelic look to it. The band is a double band, one large sporting the ACID logo and another small band. I like it!

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

The stick was actually a little hard to profile. The sweetened tip made it very difficult for me to get down to the flavors of the tobacco. The body of the cigar had very sweet aromas, almost like clove but a bit sweeter. The smell reminded me of the days I use to wander around incent shop looking for my next awesome black light poster. The pre-light draw was beautiful, just the right amount of resistance. The flavors were much of the same, very sweet due to the sweetened cap. On the light, my first draw was a pepper bomb, not at all what I was expecting but it eventually settled in a nice subtle note on the retro as I got further in. Much of the flavors were still very much hidden by the sweet honey flavor on the cap. As I transitioned in to 2/3, the nectarous flavor  on the cap had worn off, leaving me with a nice, smooth tobacco flavor. The smooth tobacco was out front with a very subtle hint of honey on the finish. The smoke clouds were huge, filling the room with very aromatic smoke. I would not worry about smoking this cigar in a public environment, as I highly doubt anyone would have an issue with the aromas. Moving forward into the last third, the honey has fallen off, leaving a sweet tobacco on the front with a subtle pepper on the retro. The smoke has become thick, coating your mouth with a slight candied flavor. These same flavors followed me to my stopping point. The flavors over all were mild, and there was no strength at all.

Smoking Characteristics:

What can I say, the Blondie performed flawlessly. Razor sharp burn lines, stayed cool to the touch, beautiful white/gray ash that held on very nicely. At no point did I experience any burn issues or require the need for touch ups. This little guy required little to no maintenance and was actually a pleasure to smoke. The smoke time was right around 45 min so not bad for such a little stick.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

This is a very well-constructed, flavorful stick. I would never put this in the same category as, let’s say, a swisher sweet, even though Drew Estates sold out to them. They are not even in the same league. I think this line is the perfect line for your ladies to start out with if they are on the fence about coming into the cigar world. Would I smoke it again, probably not, was it enjoyable? Absolutely, although it is not what I typically look for in a cigar. Even with all that being said, the Acid Blondie was still a satisfying smoking experience.

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