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  • September 2, 2015
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Like a lot of cigar smokers, as much as we love having a full sized cigar, taking an hour or more to relax and puff away, there are times that come up that having a churchill is not practical. The solution? Mini cigars and cigarillos. This is the first time I have done any kind of review on cigarillos, I have tried a variety of brands over the years, Acids, Al Capone, Tatiana, and now these Mehari Sweet Orient.

Out of the ones listed, I will have to say by far, the Tatiana Vanilla were the best, the only down side is that they are pretty pricey, and I’m cheap. The Acid C-notes are ok, but I find them to be too sweet, and too much like potpourri, Al Capone were ok, a bit on the harsh side at times. In the case of the Mehari, they were cheap, a box of 50 for $26. Great deal for a cheap ass like me, eh?

As mentioned earlier, for purposes of a quick smoke, for those times at work when I cant have a full size cigar (at the moment 6×60 is my favorite size) I was looking for a cheap small cigarillo to have in between calls at work. After snooping around for a bit and shopping, I settled on Agio Mahari Sweet Orient. It fit my price range, it was the size i was looking for (4×23) and the description made them sound pretty tasty, so what the hell, I ordered a box of 50. I figured if they weren’t any good, I’d just infuse them and still smoke them.

The description of these little puffs of smoke, from the Cigar International website, says these small smokes are ” draped in a top-grade Java wrapper, the Sweet Orient delivers an inviting array of vanilla, sweetness, tobacco, and a rich aroma. ” Well I am sorry Cigar International, that description was a bit far from the truth. To me, these were nothing special, I don’t get any notes of sweetness or vanilla, just semi harsh tobacco flavor with maybe a hint of espresso. Like a lot of cigarillos, you get the harsh bitter taste and even a tongue bite, from the smaller ring gauge. I know, I know, small ring gauge, small cigar, smoke slower and you wont get the harshness and tongue bite. Been there, tried that, made no difference. I guess for a quick cigarillo, they rank about average, then again people also say you get what you pay for. So far the Tatiana Vanilla are the best I have tried, smooth flavor, not overly sweet and a great room note, but they are also twice the price. As for these Mehari Sweet Orient? Into the infusion box they will go to at least get some flavor on them. Do I recommend them? If you are a cheap ass like me, then yes, if you can afford the more high end pricier cigarillos? Then no, avoid them. In the mean time, I have 40 more of these left……

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