Absinthe Infused by Alpha Cigar Co.

Absinthe Infused by Alpha Cigar Co.

Hey everyone, welcome back for another review! I know it has been a couple of weeks but i am back with a new review. So sit back and relax as i review this one of a kind cigar.. The Absinthe Infused by Alpha Cigar Company.

Make sure you check out their website and pick up some of these Absinthe infused cigars! @ http://alphacigar.com/

About the Cigar:

Size: 5 x 46
Shape: Corona
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder & Filler: Dominican Republic
Origin: Dominican Republic



About the Alpha Cigar Company (from Website)

Pioneering a new generation of cigar culture

Alpha Cigar Company, founded in Hong Kong, has been a cigar educator and purveyor of fine cigars in the Asia Pacific region since 2012. Created in dedication to the lifestyle of premium cigar smoking, Alpha is constantly striving to give its customers the premium quality, construction, and consistency they deserve. In new and daring ways, Alpha has pushed the boundaries of premium cigar aging, blending, and infusion.


It all started when an absinthe salesman met a cigar salesman in a bar.

TJ, a distributor for Rocky Patel in Asia, and Justin, a wine and spirits distributor, were both operating in Changsha, a city of 7 million that is rarely known outside of China. With only a handful of foreigners in the city, they were both surprised to find a fellow Chicagoan at the bar, and after conversation over a few beers, the two quickly realized that their products were a perfect match. They immediately set a date to do a joint Absinthe and Cigar tasting event at that very bar. The event was a smashing success, and this joining of forces led to the establishing of a legacy of excellence in wine, spirits, and tobacco education in the South Central China region. They found that the combination of their knowledge and products added value and fun to any event they would have otherwise conducted separately. These were the first steps towards the realization of their dream.

After years of working together, they decided to scrape together their resources to create a product that celebrates both of their passions, a masterpiece that could be enjoyable not only for seasoned cigar smokers and absintheurs, but to novices as well. Flying to the Dominican Republic with samples of Absinthe, they set out to find the perfect cigar blend, and find it they did. They settled on a wonderfully complex blend of Dominican tobaccos wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The final step was adding the slightest touch of premium Absinthe through a fine misting process, and the Alpha Absinthe Infused cigar was born.

We have adopted Cerberus, the three-headed dog as our symbol. This was inspired by the fact that all of our cigars are triple-capped in the Cuban style, and by the unique flavor profiles of our very first creation, the Alpha Absinthe Infused cigar, which was launched in 2015. The three heads of the Alpha logo represent the holy trinity of fine Absinthe: Wormwood, Anise, and Fennel.

New and Exciting Blends

In July 2016, we will release three new blends under the Absinthe Infused line, as well as three non-infused, small batch limited releases. Our Dominican Republic factory has consistently put out 90+ rated cigars over the last decade and we are proud of each cigar that comes out.



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