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  • July 18, 2015
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It has been a while since I have posted a review, and last night I had the opportunity to try a new creation from Bobalu Cigar company, so what better opportunity to do a review than with a new cigar on the market.

First off, Bobalu Cigars are a company based out of Texas where they hand make every cigar they sell, and if you visit their website you can even watch the live cameras that show the cigars being made. I have tried a few of their blends and have yet to be disappointed. Now, onto their newest creation, the Annihilation.

Besides its intimidating name, the Annihilation, this cigar is advertised as the strongest cigar they have ever created, so with a name like that, it better be a kick in the face, and in the words from Bobalu, it will “Knock you on your ass”

This cigar is made with a double Lijero wrapper, a habano binder from Ecuador, and a filler composed of  Criollo Lijero (Dominican) Cuban Seed Piloto Lijero (Domincan) Cuban Seed Piloto Viso (Dominican). And what a combination it is. With its brown wrapper and solid construction, wonderful barn type of smell, you can tell right off the bat it’s going to be a good one.

Right off the first light of this cigar you get kicked in the face, real strong spice, black pepper and borderline red pepper heat to it. At first I thought it would be over powering, all that spice and pepper tingle on the back of your throat, but didn’t, it had a pretty good balance, and I like a challenge. As I puffed on, the spiciness mellowed out but was still lingering, making your mouth tingle. The flavors went from a peppery mouth bomb to earthy notes with a hint of cedar, very enjoyable. Yes, this is a strong cigar, by the time I was to the halfway point, I was feeling it. I have had strong cigars and I have to say this one ranks up near the top of the list. As I got closer to the end of the smoke ( I nubbed it to next to nothing, it was that good) the stronger peppery taste returned for a round two, and by the time I was finished I was a bit weak in the knees, one strong punch of flavor and nicotine. Construction on this cigar was great, a good draw, even burn, only one or two touch ups.

If you are into strong cigars with a great flavor, I recommend you check them out. They come in two sizes, robusto ($6.95 each) and toro ($7.50 each) and at those prices they are a bargin. I personally picked up 5 of the toro. I plan on letting the other 4 rest for a while in the humidor and see if there are any changes flavor-wise over time. Bobalu make a great product, and they have great customer service, I encourage everyone to check them out, pick up a sampler or two and give them a try. Until next time, keep them lit!

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