Behike Blend by Cuban Seed cigar Co.

Name: Behike Blend by Cuban Seed cigar Co.

Country of origin: Proprietary

Size: 6 x 60

Wrapper: Proprietary

Binder: Proprietary

Filler: Proprietary

Shape:  Gordo

Price: 22.00


With much anticipation, today I get the chance to try a cigar from the Cuban Seed Cigar Co. Which cigar you ask? That would be their Behike Blend. You are probably asking yourself what exactly Behike “blend” means, and to be honest at first I was not entirely sure.  I reached out to Laith, who is the proprietor of the Cuban Cigar Seed Co. for a little help to understand what exactly the Cuban Seed Cigar Co. js all about.

TCC: What is the Cuban Seed Cigar Co. all about, how do you create your product?
Laith: We source our tobacco from growers, brokers, and farmers. We pay a premium because we don’t make any cigars with tobacco less than 3 years old. Our average age of cigar that is $15 retail is at least 12 years old.

TCC: Are the Cigars really identical blends to the ones they are named after?
Laith: Our cigars are sometimes spot on to the respective brands. Of course we also produce lots of our original blends as well along side private blends for casinos,hotels, country clubs etc..

TCC: What made you want to start the Cuban Seed Cigar Co.?
Laith: I have been smoking cigars since I was 16 years old. My mothers uncle gave me my first cigar. I have family on my mothers side that migrated to Honduras in the 40s and 50s. Some of which were cigar manufactures, however most of them were and still are in textiles and clothes making.

TCC: Do you roll any of your cigars?
Laith: You wouldn’t want to smoke any cigar I personally roll ! I have 30 rollers and 4 of them are from the factories in Cuba. We produced over 400k cigars last year.

Basically what the Cuban seed Cigar Co. does is make replicas of the original Cuban cigars using as close to the same blend as they can. Using the same type of tobacco, just grown in a different region of the world such as Nicaragua, Honduras, of DR. Which allows them to bring you an “as close at it get” to the real deal at a much more affordable price. Pretty smart idea if you ask me! At this point, I am more than ready to get into the Behike Blend, my mouth is already watering.


The Behike blend is a stunning cigar, wrapped with a soft butterscotch shaded wrapper. The body showcases beautiful, tight invisible seams, no visible tooth, minimal veins, and is firmly packed. The Behike blend is capped with a gorgeous triple cap, accented by a very extravagant stacked pig tail. The foot of the cigar is encased by the wrapper, which supplies protection to the sharply cut foot.

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

Traveling my nose along the body of the Behike blend, I pick up on strong barnyard notes. Moving further down to the foot, the barnyard is still the strongest but there is a very subtle cocoa.

Today, I will be using my Xikar double guillotine to snip the cap, and as usual I get a very clean cut off the cap. The pre-light draw is flawless, with notes of earth and pepper.

On the light, the Behike Blend ignites with no issues, taking to the flame with ease.
First draw brings big notes of cinnamon, coffee, and a nuttiness. The draw is perfect, with large plumes of aromatic smoke. I will give the cigar a chance to cool before moving into the rest of the 1/3rd, but I am excited to see what I get.
Coming to the end of the 1/3rd at just around the 30 min mark, the Behike blend so far has been great. With notes of coffee and nut being the key players. The smoke output has been average, not exactly huge, but they are pleasant. The burn has been very solid, not razor sharp but straight none the less. On each draw, more of the Behike Blends densely packed gray ash becomes more visible, having a beautiful quarter stack appearance. Unfortunately you all could not see the ash in all of its glory due to my clumsiness. I accidentally knocked it over reaching for a drink of water.

Now at the end of the 2/3rd and just crossing the 5 min past the hour mark, the cigar has made several transitions The coffee notes have become very subtle on the palate, with a nice licorice flavor making its way in and is very strong on the palate. Even after the exhale, the licorice lingers on my nasal cavity and with each breath in and out of my nose I pick up on it. The nuttiness is still present and with it is comes a very pleasant creaminess. The smoke output has remained the same, just nice smooth smoke on the exhale. They are not huge clouds of smoke, but are pleasing. Burn lines are still doing great, no attention needed at all. As I reached the band point I did have a little bit of trouble taking it off, but it was nothing to cry about and it didn’t ruin the band.

As night falls and the crickets and toads make their way out on this gorgeous Louisiana night, I have finally reached my stopping point at 43 min past the hour. During my travels through the last third, the cigar made several different changes. At some points the licorice was the strongest and then all of a sudden you would get a blast of coffee, with a very subtle bitterness that was very pleasing. These two flavors yo-yoed all the way through the last third, keeping me on my toes with every draw. The creamy nuttiness dropped off early in the last third as it could not compete with the coffee and licorice. In the last third, the burn lines did become a bit more wavy, getting me a little nervous at times, but the cigar always managed to get itself right again. As for as the smoke output, no changes still just smooth, pleasing, aromatic smoke with each exhale

Smoking Characteristics:

The Behike blend smoke and construction was great. I would of liked a little more smoke output, but that is just a personal preference. I had no issues with the burn, like I said before they got  pretty wavy in the last third, but always maintained. The body stayed cool to the touch and I never experienced any distress from the cigar or signs of tunneling. Burn time was great.  The Behike blend proves to be a very long smoke almost reaching the 2 hour mark. All in all, the Behike blend was a pleasure to smoke

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

At the end of it all, does the Behike blend compare to the real Behike?  I could not tell you, I have never had a real Behike. But what I can say is that the Behike Blend is a damn good cigar. Now, the price of the Behike Blend is pretty steep at 22 dollars for one stick. That price range is quite a bit more than what most of us everyday guys would like to pay. But I do know one thing for sure, if I ever find my self with an extra 22 bucks, this is a cigar I would definitely pick up and you should too. If anything give it a shot, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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