A big bastard, variety of music and sweaty shorts

Hello again peeps, it’s me, the bearded one reporting once again from the sultry and hot and humid northern NY, hence the mention of the sweaty shorts in that there title up there. 92* and what feels like 8000% humidity. Perfect weather for….well…sweating your ass off and having many cold beverages, and of course, a cigar. Now today it’s not just any cigar. This cigar hails from a company in Austin, Texas, called Bobalu Cigars. I have tried many of their different lines and blends, some of my favorite being the Bullitt, Rosado, XXXL and Annihilation. Good stuff. Check them out on bobalu.com, order a sampler or 10. This selection I am having today by said company, is very much unlike their other cigars. How is that Mr. Shanty? Please tell us how it’s different? Sure, I will tell you. It’s frigging huge. this 7.75×80 behemouth I have affectionately called the Bobalu Big Bastard, because it is just that. I received this beast and a half in what Bobalu calls the Mystery box offer that they do once a year, $150 and you get a ton of different cigars and accessories, cutters and even a big ass can of butane. Great deal, sign up for their email alerts and keep an eye out for the next time it it offered. Now usually due to time restraints, I usually avoid huge cigars such as these, but if you have half a day, it’s nice out and want to shred the honey do list, then these are perfect. I have had other cigars in similar size before, the Asylums come to mind, Asylum 13 and Oger, but I believe they were 7×70 so they were a little smaller. Enough about that stuff, lets just smoke the damn thing.


Obviously you cant use your every day fancy cutter on something this big, there are no cutters built for it. Using my manly ability to improvise, I grabbed my punch cutter and hit it three times, making a fancy little patter on it. Beautiful. The sniff test gave a nice aroma of tobacco, slight barn smell ( a smell I love, grew up next to and working on a farm…when some people smell cow poop, I smell goodness) and a little nuttiness. Yes I am a nut so naturally I would smell nuts, right? The dry draw revealed a real good draw for a cigar that size, sometimes they are rolled too tight or too loose, this one was just right. Time to flame on. At first smell of the smoke, you got that same nutty scent, and a touch of hay or grass, real appealing. The wrapper itself is a habano from Ecuador, binder as well as the filler are Dominican. Pretty tasty combination. The draw is perfect, but its when you start puffing is when the issues of a cigar this big kicks in. It takes forever for the smoke to get to your mouth, you puff and puff then finally, boom, you get the smoke. I had to adapt my usual smoking style to that of, 5 to 10 quick short puffs then 2 long puffs once the smoke built up, once you get the smoke built up, you are making clouds of legends. If it wasn’t for the breeze, my front lawn would have looked like foggy London with all that haze. So while I was working on this cigar, puff puff puff, I qued up some tunes, some Tragically Hip (shame about the singer being diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer) Dropkick Murphys, Butthole Surfers, and last but not least, some Stiff Little Fingers. Quite the selection. On with the puffing and jamming. Farther along I got, more issues developed, but they were expected and typical of a cigar this size. Issues with relights and touch ups, not really a big deal but with a monster like this, make sure your lighter is full, it takes a lot to keep this going. All in all, it was a satisfying smoke, on the medium to full side, good consistent flavor, and a smoking time of…..drum roll please…….3 hours and 45 minutes, and I even nubbed it on my knife blade. Got a free day and an urge to not move and just puff away? This one is for you. If you aren’t into huge cigars like that, check out Bobalu anyway, great customer service and good products and selection.

3 hours into it
3 hours into it

Until next time, smoke something.

Psssst……I even made it through the review without making any innuendos or big penis jokes…..go me!



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