Big Dogs, Big Bosses and Pimps

According to the urban dictionary, Mayimbe means those in the title of this review, as well as other in the same vein. The big boy, the head dude, the important one. Almost makes me feel like I too am an important person. Today’s smoke is, as mentioned, the Mayimbe by AJ Fernandez. An interesting smoke, with a band that appears to have symbols on it taken from a Led Zepplin album cover, yet spells out Mayimbe. The cigar itself, like anything from AJ Fernandez, is well constructed. The wrapper is a nice deep reddish brown, oily, and a Pennsylvania broadleaf. The binder is Nicaraguan, and the filler is a mix of top secret long fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, and who knows where else, after all, its top secret. While doing research on this gem, people were describing flavors like, gingerbread, white bread, chocolate, coffee, citrus, beef stock, cornbread, mashed potatoes with loads of gravy and apple pie for dessert. Ok, I’m kidding about the last part, that’s just food I have a desire for. But anywho, there’s a lot of interesting descriptions on the flavor side. Bread? Hmmmm….I hope its gluten free. Not that I would care if it did have gluten in it. Lets chop this big boy and see what I get out of it.


V-cut, provided by Colibri, sniff test provides by my proboscis. Sniff sniff, yep, smells like tobacco, coaco, and deliciousness. Dry draw produced a lot of cocoa and a bit of pepper, a nice bit of spice. Wheres my damn blowtorch, time to start a fire.

While popping it in the toaster and roasting the end of this Pimp, the smoke itself gave off a wonderful aroma of cocoa, made me a bit hungry. Time to start puffing. Puff puff puff….hmmm….gingerbread? Nope…..white bread? Nope….Any kind of bread? Nope. Not even any citrus. Slight hint of chocolate, but for the most part, I’m getting leather, earth, pepper and is that a little black tea? Seems like it. One thing that I noticed about this cigar, something kind of odd, is that I was experiencing a cooling sensation in my mouth. I thought I was nuts, so I sent a message to a buddy and he confirmed it. I am nuts. But in all seriousness, I got a cooling sensation, like a menthol cooling without the crappy menthol taste, not a bad thing, just interesting. The flavors themselves were pretty complex, slight nuances would appear and change the further you smoked, making for a more involved smoking experience. At the halfway point, the flavor profile changed again bringing out more of the pepper, and even some notes of cedar and wood. Me likey. The draw was perfect, and it had a great even burn, and I nubbed it down to the blade of my Leatherman until my mustache and beard were threatening to combust. An excellent strong, flavorful well constructed cigar. Makes me wish I had a bunch more. So if you ever find yourself in the position to pick up one of these big boy pimp daddy bosses, do so, they are well worth it. For around $10 each, they are well worth it, just like all the other AJ Fernandez cigars. I have yet to have a bad one yet.

Until next time, smoke, smile, and study the experiences you have with your cigars. No two people are alike, so no two experiences are the same. That’s what makes life fun. Taataa.


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