Brickhouse Fumas- Cigar Review

Brickhouse Fumas


Brickhouse Fumas Cigar Review

It’s another beautiful day here in Northern NY, way up north where people don’t realize that it’s part of NY. Why do people seem to think that NY ends at Syracuse? I have often wondered…..Anyway, as I sit here pondering worthless nonsense, watching the squirrels run around, listening to the neighbors scream at each other, and one of their dogs shitting in my yard….hey wait a minute! You sunsabitches…..I will have to fling that back at them later. Right now I am busy filling the air with a smoke screen, by way of a Brickhouse Fumas.

This is an excellent cigar for the smoker who are light in the wallet and likes good flavor that is known of Brickhouse cigars. Granted, this is no Mighty Might, but for what it is, the Brickhouse Fumas should be a staple in your humidor. Made in the style of the “Cuban sandwich” cigar (sorry no ham and mustard here) the filler is made from Nicaraguan tobacco scraps from the bigger and more expensive Brickhouse lines, so it’s a short filler and surrounded by a nice chocolate brown sun grown Sumatra wrapper. For being a short filler, it has a great draw, some short fillers seem to be, in my experience, have a tighter draw. A pre-light sniff brings about tobacco (I know…right?) and a slight cocoa scent. Construction is great, nice and solid, got a nice clean cut. Lighting it is where the fun begins. The Brickhouse Fumas instantly gives you  a nice smooth draw, tons of white smoke, lots of nice white pebbles as I call them from the well aged toothy wrapper. The smoke itself is real smooth and pleasant with a great cocoa smell and taste. Being in the mild to medium range, you could smoke these all day, and with bundles of 20 starting out at $40 why not smoke them all day? Myself, I got the Churchill size, which is still coming in at a bargain at 20 for $50. This is definitely another winner from the Brickhouse family, get some, you won’t be disappointed. If you are, send them to me, I will dispose of them by use of fire and hours of relaxation.

Until next time, smoke what you like, and like what you smoke, unless it’s a real dog turd. In that case, throw it out.

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