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  • June 30, 2015
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Name: CAO Columbia Cigar Review

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Size: 5 x 50

Wrapper: Jamastran

Binder: Cameroon

Filler:  Brazilian, Colombian

Shape: TINTO (Robusto)

Price: $ 3.66 per stick by box



This cigar has been eyeing me from inside my humidor for some time now. Unfortunately for me, I have not had many CAO cigars. I believe the last one I had was the CAO Brazilian and if my memory serves me right, it was not a bad smoke at all. The CAO is the first cigar to prominently feature Colombian tobacco that is derived from a Cuban seed first grown in Colombia in 1820 called Ica Mazinga. The Ica Mazinga is grown in an isolated mountainous region of Colombia. According to the CAO website, this tobacco “is a captivating tobacco that burns beautifully and smokes effortlessly for a savory smoke that takes you to another world”. I’m about to find out how effortlessly and how captivating this cigar truly is!



The Colombia comes wrapped in a soft light brown wrapper, minimal veins, but the one prominent vein is a big fatty. The wrapper does have a light reddish hue to it, showcases tight invisible seams, evenly colored wrapper, and a firmly packed body. The head of the cigar is clothed with a nicely placed double cap and is finished off with a cleanly cut foot. The band is eye catching with bright colors and attention grabbing graphics. All in all a good looking stick. Hopefully it smokes as well as it looks.

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

On the body of the Colombia I receive a bouquet of barnyard aromas. Making my way to the foot, I experience notes of earth and sweet leather.

Using my double guillotine I am able to get a clean cut of the cap, exposing an easy draw. Through the draw, notes of earth and leather flow onto my palate.

On the light, the Colombia performs flawlessly, taking to the flame with ease and exposing notes of earth and a mixed herbal note.

 I am at the end of the 1/3rd and so far the flavors have been very nice. I have been picking up on strong cedar notes, leathers, and coffee. The notes mesh very well together with notes of cedar being the most prominent of the three. Performance by the CAO Columbia has been great, with big clouds of smoke being released with every exhale. Burn lines have been straight, not razor sharp, but good enough that they don’t have me worried in the slightest. The ash is a densely packed salt and pepper that is a joy to look at. I have not experienced any over heating and the body is very cool to the touch.

Reaching the end of the 2/3rd, there is only one way to describe the Columbia: consistent. The notes of cedar are still very much in control. The leather and coffee are still present but are being overshadowed by the woody flavor. Smoke out put, ash, and burn lines have also remained the same, performing perfectly. With that, I move forward to the last third, but I think I already know what I am going to experience!

Here we are in the last third, and as I predicted there have been no changes. It has been very consistent all the way through. The only shift I noticed was that the coffee note has almost completely gone away. For the entire time the cedar and leather have been out front with no shifts at all. Construction has also been the same with great smoke out put, beautiful ash, and straight burn lines.



Smoking Characteristics:

Smoking wise the Columbia has performed wonderfully. The burn rate was pleasant and I feel like I could of left the cigar alone for good time and it wouldn’t have gone out. Burn lines started out almost razor sharp and as I moved further along they began to get a little more wavy but were never a cause for concern. The ash burned perfectly with a nicely stacked salt and pepper ash that fell off twice during my time spent. At no time did I experience any over heating of the body or signs of distress from the cigar. All in all a completely worry free cigar.


Conclusion/Overall Impression:

 The CAO Colombia, what can I say other than this cigar is a very good, consistent and a value stick. I for one prefer more transitions in my cigar and really enjoy more complexity in my sticks. I know that some people really love their cigars to be consistent all the way through so if you are one of those that enjoys consistency and strong woody notes than this is a must try stick. I was impressed with the over all construction and flavors and could see myself picking up a few of these guys to add to my golfing humidor. If you like the sound of this profile, make sure to go by Cigar Harvest to pick you up a few, you wont find a better deal!

Thanks again for stopping by and spending some time with me! Until next time, Keep it Smoky my friends!



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