Cigar Aficionado Parodied In Sonic Drive-In Commercial

Cigar Aficionado Parodied In Sonic Drive-In Commercial

Fast-food chain Sonic Drive-in is advertising its new line of premium milkshakes with a fitting parody of a certain premium cigar magazine.

In Sonic’s new Creamery Shakes advertisement, one enthusiastic customer is happy to see that the restaurant’s new milkshakes are now fit for an “aficionado.”

“Wait, you’re a shake aficionado?” asks the other customer, to which the man responds by holding up a Shake Aficionado magazine that bears striking similarity to Cigar Aficionado.

The customers go on to attempt a formal tasting of the milkshake, similar to the way our magazine evaluates cigars with tasting notes. However, they aren’t very successful in doing so—and are only able conjure up a single note, “It’s cold.”

Sonic Drive-in’s full television advertisement can be viewed below.

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