Cigar Review: Flor De Oliva By Oliva

Cigar Review: Flor De Oliva By Oliva

  • July 7, 2015
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Name: Flor De Oliva By Oliva   

Country of origin: Nicaraguan

Size: 8 x 52

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan Sumatra

Binder:  Aged Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan (Esteli)

Shape: Gigante Presidente

Price: $ 1.99 (39.98 for bundle of 20)




What’s going on everyone? I am glad to you see you all back for another review with me here at Tony’s Cigar Corner. Today I have a big one for you! I bring you the  Flor De Oliva by Oliva. This cigar is a hefty one, with a 8x 52 length and gauge this cigar is a little intimidating, only because I feel that it is going to be 2.5 hours or longer which can be a good thing! Depending, of course, on how this beauty decides to act during our time together. This Penny Pichin’ Stogie came dressed in a chocolatey, veiny, sumatra wrapper, with tight invisible seams and is capped off with a clean double cap.

Cigar Review: Flor De Oliva By Oliva

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

For a mere $2 dollar stick, the Flor De Oliva is a good looking stick, emitting pre-light notes of sweet earth along the body and foot. Conducting a pre-light draw, I find notes of sweet tobacco and earth on a very open draw. I am pretty sure that the Flor De Oliva does not have a sweetened cap, but let me tell you, it sure seems like it does. After conducting my pre-light draw, there was a big sweetness that I could taste on my lips. It was quite enjoyable, but it caught me completely off guard.

On the light, I decided to use one of the cedar spills that I picked up from I don’t get to use the very often, but I am so pleased every time I do. I need to make it a point to use them more often.Plus, I feel really classy doing it as I sit alone in my garage lol!

Sitting in my garage listening to Led Zeppelin on a beautiful Texas night, I could not think of a better way to cap off this night. The Flor De Oliva has proven to be a very tasty cigar. Greeting me with notes of caramel and spice that will please just about any palate. And if that isn’t enough, the last third brought forth a very creamy note, enhancing the already pleasing flavor profile. Smoke output has been magnificent with big clouds of aromatic smoke being released with every exhale. With burn lines that stayed almost razor sharp, exposing a tightly packed salt and pepper ash, the Flor De Oliva has truly been a worry free smoke.

Cigar Review: Flor De Oliva By Oliva


Conclusion/Overall Impression:

Overall, the Flor De Oliva has really impressed me. With pleasant aromas and flavor notes, the Flor De Oliva has made its way onto my top 5 in regards to Penny Pinchin’ Stogies. The Oliva cigar company has done a very good job of providing a premium cigar experience at a bundle price, and I would recommend that you give them a shot.

Like always, thank you for stopping by and spending sometime with me here at Tony’s Cigar Corner.

If you would like to get your hands on the Flor De Oliva, you can check them out at some of the best prices you’ll find available by clicking the link below!


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