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Cigar review: Gispert Cigar

  • August 18, 2015
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Name: Gispert Cigar

Country of origin:  Honduran

Size: 5×54

Wrapper:  Ecuador Connecticut

Binder:  Honduran  

Filler: Honduran  

Shape: Robusto

Price: $ 2.90


What’s that you say? Another PENNY PINCHIN’ STOGIE!!!! You’re damn right!  And today’s Penny Pincher in the Gispert from Gispert Cigars. Honestly, I have never heard of this cigar, so  I am looking forward to it. Anytime I have the chance to save you some dough I am all about it.  The Gispert is a pretty good looking stick, the body has a soft leathery feel to it and is slightly bumpy.   It has minimal veins, but the ones it does have a pretty pronounced. Tight invisible seams, no tooth and is capped off with a clean double cap. The Gispert is dressed with a dual band, one that is about half the length of the body and another standard band towards the head of the cigar. Overall not a bad looking cigar.


Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

On the body and foot, I was able to pick up on notes of earth, leather, and nut.

Using my V-cutter, I can slice right through the cap, exposing an effortless draw that bring forth pleasing notes of spice and leather.

The Gispert’s foot takes easy to the flame of my torch, and on my initial draw I am greeted with notes of cedar, leather, and subtle chocolate on the finish. That was note the start I was expecting from the Gispert, but I am not going to complain.

Finishing up the Gispert I am pleasantly surprised with how it performed, although not an elaborate stick it was very enjoyable. The subtle chocolate at the start fell off quickly never making another appearance.   Strong cedar notes were the central focus in this cigar, coming through on every draw. Notes of leather, cream and licorice were also present but act more as subtle undertones to the strong cedar.    The burn on the Gispert was perfect, in the 2/3rd it was a bit wavy but did not need any touch ups and exposed a tightly packed gray ash that feel of every inch to two inches.  I paired today’s cigar with the Goose Island 312 pale ale and what a pairing it was, enhancing the flavors on every draw.


All I can say is that this is a must try cigar. The Gispert performed flawlessly throughout my time with it, although it is not very complex it never left me unsatisfied.  I believe the flavor profile would be appealing to just about any palate, especially those with a love for cedary notes. I would suggest working these into your cigar budget and with these prices how couldn’t you.

To get your hands on a Gispert Cigar check out or click the link below!

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One thought on “Cigar review: Gispert Cigar”

  1. I am a big fan of earth and cedar notes so I’ll definitely be picking up some of these to try!!


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