Cinderella and Man’s Best Friend

bobalu boxer 2

Cinderella because I am doing a flashback musically and grooving out to Long Cold Winter, and man’s best friend, because this cigar, the Bobalu Boxer has a touching story in that it was named for Jeff Lipton’s dog Nellie who was diagnosed with cancer. A sad story, but it is the back stories that are behind creations that make things more interesting. To take a limited edition reserve line of cigars and dedicate it to his dog shows the kind of love and respect one has for a family member, be it canine or not. Yes these are a limited edition reserve, exclusive to Bobalu Cigars, made in America in the state of Texas. These cigars have been sitting, melding and aging for 18 months before they decided they were ready for the public. Made up of a Sumatra wrapper, Dominican Cuban seed binder, and 5 year old Dominican Seco Cubano 5 year old Dominican Lijero fillers, this is one healthy looking cigar. Available in the Toro size 6×52 in singles or boxes of 10 ($12.95 for a single $79.95 for a box) on their website Check them out.

The cigar itself is built solid, smooth wrapper, reddish brown in color, double banded with a portrait of the dog on the main band. Real nice looking presentation. For the sniff test I got a nice sweet smelling barn smell, a smell that always brings back memories of my grandfathers barn, the sweet smell of hay, the old wood of the beams, love that smell. I went with a punch cut on this one, the dry draw itself was pretty stiff, but not too bad. On the dry draw I got a natural sweetness no doubt from the Sumatra wrapper. Very nice. Time to put fire to foot. While toasting the foot, I noticed that the smoke had a sweeter cocoa smell to it, very pleasant, unlike, say, a White Owl which I think are purposly designed to be used as bug or perhaps even bear repellent with their rancid smell. Smoking this cigar was enjoyable, nice flavors of leather, earth, black coffee with an underlying sweetness that was all smooth, and produced a real nice tight white ash. As far as any issues with this cigar, the draw was a little on the tight side, and it developed a few minor cracks in the wrapper, but that was expected seeing as it was in the 50’s and raining, the cold shock itself would make it crack. Touch ups? Very few and minor, an almost perfect burn. I will be adding this to the list of cigars I like from Bobalu. Check them out, good customer service, and made in America.

Until next time, smoke something, and hopefully it wont be a dog rocket…..lawnfudge…….brown landmine… get the idea.


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