Cubanacan, Baby Daddy’s and Maury Povich

Today is the day that made Maury Povich’s talk show to be watched daily, Fathers Day. DNA tests, screaming morons, stupid excuses such as “It can’t be my kid, I didn’t have morning sickness when she told me she was pregnant” and “It can’t be my kid, I have longer hair” or the woman’s excuses to prove its the father such as “I swear Maury, after 14 DNA tests, I’m 100000% sure this is the guy!” or ” Lookit his left pinky fingernail, it’s a perfect match!” Yes it’s Fathers day, for most of us it’s a time of celebration and refection on the joy of our children, our genetic mapping that will carry on our genes long after we are gone. Well, some just look at it as a genetic thing, or a free breakfast sandwich on this special day, or even some look at their kids as, hey look, I’m going to get more money back with my tax refund. Others still look at their kids and see nothing more than a child support payment, or see their kids as a pawn in the middle to be used to screw over the mothers. It’s sad really these days, the whole concept of parenting and being a father or role model seems to be going down the tubes, and it shows. There’s a lot of fathers out there that need to hand their man card back in. Just because you can make babies don’t mean you should. Mostly this applies to the younger generations, they are too busy playing video games or staring at their cell phones to even realize they have kids. And whatever happened to being a man? Having pride in yourself and your family, working hard to provide for them, working with your hands and building up calluses? Now days they scream for a safe space if while getting change after ordering a grande mocha frappoccino with a shot of espresso, fat free lactose free creamer, extra foam and no gluten, the cashier hands them the change and forgot to say come again. You know those two round things between your legs? Act like you have them please. I saw a post the other day of a guy driving down the highway and saw a big burly bearded guy and his woman standing on the side of the road while a trooper changed their flat tire. Sad. Come on guys, man up, be there for your kids and act like you have a pair. To all the guys out there who do work hard, and raising their kids to have common sense and survival skills, thank you. To the others that act like idiots, go get your head out of your ass. Anyway, onto the cigar, sorry I got distracted. I could go on for days about that shit.

Today’s selection is a cheapie ( fitting because it came in a sampler called Cheap Churchills) a churchill sized Cubanacan Edicion Especial, a Nicaraguan filled and bound cigar with a sumatra wrapper. Not the best looking cigar in the world, some wrapper flaws, watermarks and whatnot. The sniff test gave out a slight barn smell, not much else. The dry draw was loose and had hints of nuttiness and a slight sweetness. While toasting it, you get a nutty smell as well. Smoking it wasn’t bad, like I said, its a cheapie, not a high end stick, but would be good for mowing the lawn or for keeping in the guest humidor. You get a lot of a nutty flavor, a hint of leather, and sweetness from the sumatra, really not a bad flavor combo at all. At about the halfway point a little bit of spice came in but not much at all. An average every day medium smoke that’s cheap, and if you get interrupted and have to toss it you wont feel bad, after all it was only $2 or so. The wrapper did develop cracks in it, but nothing major enough to cause it to unravel or to be thrown.

Until next time, smoke something.

Happy Fathers day


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