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Dark Domain – Cigar Review

Welcome to my domain!!!! HAAHAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Or something. It was either the creepy mad scientist intro or the Goth/Emo intro “My soul is black, black as the vacuum of space, my inner pain and torture as numerous as the stars above, this world, this shell of a body is me….Dark Domain….” Naaah it’s not the mid 90’s any more and white face paint makes my skin itch. However, today’s selection is a fun little cigar called the Dark Domain. I found myself attracted to this cigar, not just because its made by a reputable company, not because its a good value because I’m a cheap ass, or because it was a maduro, but what struck me first, was the cool looking band. Yes, it was the band. Black with metallic blood red lettering, a font reminiscent of a death or black metal band, just happened to catch my eye and I had to know more. Alas, I ordered a bundle of the Toro size, 6x 54, and it was only $65. A bargain.

As I did a little more investigating into this little dark gem, I learned that this cigar is from the house of Aging Room. Known for excellent cigars, why would this one be any different? So I got the package in the mail, had a few of them here and there, and here, after a rest of a month or so, I do a review. Construction wise, no complaints at all, this is a solidly built cigar, a deep chocolate brown San Andreas maduro wrapper. Binder? Why nice of you to ask, the binder is a  Piloto Cubano which is wrapped around a  Dominican Crillo ’98 filler. A good combination in my book that produces a medium strength nic fix. Never had any burning issues with any of the ones I have had, always a steady straight burn, a good draw that’s not too easy or tight. When burning you get a nice tight white ash with a lot of toothyness. I’m also guessing you guys want to know about flavor too. You get a nice earthiness, a slight woodsy flavor underneath and smooth as silk. Sniffing the cigar before lighting, you get the typical maduro scents, the tobacco and milk chocolate. I’m sure some people would get more but I’m not all about snorting the cigar up my nose, huffing and puffing and getting nose gobblins stuck to it. I prefer to get the scent from lighting the bad boy up.

All in all, this is a great value cigar, around $7 each, smooth, a touch of spice but not over powering, and has a kick ass band. Give them a try, get a 5er, get a bundle, steal one from somebody (just not me) and give it a whirl. If you don’t like it, I am not responsible for your taste being different from mine.

Enjoy your day, if this review was helpful, great. If it wasn’t, well I hope you at least got a giggle out of it. Until next time, Bearded Bastard signing off.

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