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What do you think about when you hear the term “infused cigar”?

Do you think of the local gas station cigar, the candy flavored Phillies, the various Black n Milds, the wall of different flavored Swishers, or do you think of the higher end cigars, the Acids with their potpourri-like essence, the ever growing number of café flavor blends, all with seemingly over sweetened tips and high price tags? Or are you the type who refuses to recognised flavored cigars as a real cigar? Everyone has a different opinion on the topic of flavored or infused cigars, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Demon’s Grin infused cigars

There is a lot of hate out there for infused cigars, how people say they are just for blunts, or for beginners, or the sexist comments about how just women smoke them because they can’t handle a “real” cigar, which is a load of crap. Smoke what you like, and like what you smoke.

I’m Joe Shanty, and I make infused cigars and I would like to thank Tony for having me here.

It all started as a hobby, after smoking cigars for around 15 years, and seeing a lot of people out there making their own flavored cigars, seeing their frustrations with techniques and flavors, I decided to try my hand ad it. It soon became an addiction. I started getting a fan base, people started calling me the mad scientist infuser due to some of the ideas I came up with, so I started my own Facebook page where I would discuss cigar and pipe tobacco infusions. Then people requested to buy what I was making, and from there I was getting some real good input on my projects and growing a reputation for making good infused cigars. I like to think outside the box, and make a product that isn’t like what is out on the market.

Although I make infused cigars, I don’t normally smoke infused cigars other than to sample what I make, or to sample new things on the market. I like to keep an open mind and try anything that comes along. One of the major issues I have with the infused cigars out on the market, is the exceedingly sweet tips on them. To me, a sweet tip is a distraction, and takes away the most important aspect of a cigar, the tobacco. With the sweet cigars, all you get is a mouthful of sugar, combined with whatever flavoring they decided to jam in there along with it. What about the tobacco? Part of my philosophy behind infusing is to let the tobacco shine along with the flavoring. Pair the flavor to the type of cigar, enhance the cigar not destroy it by overpowering it with whatever potpourri you are trying to stuff into it. Therefore, when I infuse, I want the flavor to come through and compliment the tobacco, not overpower it. For example, I once did a coffee and chocolate infusion on a maduro, coffee and chocolate pair well with a maduro, and I let the flavors naturally enhance the cigar, nothing sweet, just maduro flavor with nuances of the coffee and chocolate, more of an espresso with a hint of dark chocolate. To me that is a success, the tobacco comes through with the flavoring, and no sweet glop to coat your mouth.

My goals on this page that I was graciously invited to join, are not only to discuss infused cigars, but also discuss different techniques, how to’s, post projects that I am working on and completing, helping others who are interested in doing it themselves at home, and in general have fun. I am always available for questions, and I always look forward to comments, good and bad, after all, without the bad how can you get better?
Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Demon’s Grin Tobacco Infusion to join a community of others who love to infuse !

Joe Shanty

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