Dragonlord, The Offspring, Relaxation

Got the lawn mowed, only ran over a few dozen toys left in the yard so I figured what the hell, may as well have a smoke, throw on some Offspring, slurp down and energy drink and relax like a typical redneck trailer park dweller. All I need now is a gutted car in the yard, a wife beater that says “I’m sexier than your mother” and a few guns laying around the yard. Shit I can’t wait to move out of here. Anyway my smoke of choice on this sunny warm, breezy and pretty much perfect day, is, yes, a Gurkha. Some of you may know the issues I have had in the past with this cantankerous brand, uneven burns, re lights, unraveling, flavors like skunk ass and rancid cheese, well, think of any problem you could possibly have with a cigar, and I have had that experience on a Gurkha. I have to admit there are some really good Gurkhas out there that I have no issues with at all, its just the damn inconsistencies. Enter, the latest Gurkha to be in my mouth. Yes, I know how wrong that sounds. Get your heads out of the gutter.

The Gurkha Dragonlord. I like it. A lot. “What?” you say? The bearded bastard has something positive to say about a Gurkha? Is he on crack? Has the seventh seal been broken and the trumpets have sounded? ITS THE APOCALYPSE! Calm down. Bunch of drama queens. Yes I like this this one. IT has a great blend of big bold flavors that slap you upside the head and makes you pay attention. A lot of leather, earth, a slight saltiness and the right amount of pepper. The best part? NO CONSTRUCTION ISSUES! Holy crap, a Gurkha that didn’t fall apart, or canoe like Louis and Clark, or have a draw so tight you need to drag the smoke out with a winch. Now the wrapper did have a small imperfection, a small hole but it did not affect it at all. As for relights, I had to once when it went out at about the 1/4 point but after that is all went smooth. That’s another point, with all the bold flavors a lot of the time it can make for a harsher smoke, not this one, it was smooth. Its filler is a Dominican Criollo and Cubano Piloto, with a Criollo binder and for a wrapper a dark San Andres Maduro. A tasty combo that leaves a nice room note of cocoa. A nice meaty smoke. See? Not all Gurkhas are bad. Only most of them. I would definitely smoke these again.


Until next time, smoke something.


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