Flor de Las Antillas by My Father Cigar

Name: Flor de Las Antillas by My Father Cigar


Country of origin: Nicaragua

Size: 5 x 50

Wrapper: Sun Grown

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Shape: Robusto

Price: $ $5.70


Today I get to smoke a cigar that I am sure most of you have heard of: The Flor de Las Antillas by My Father Cigars. This cigar has been able to garner the top spot on many different sites with eight different 90+ ratings and a 96 rating from Cigar Aficionado, winning it the top spot as Cigar of the year. The Flor de Las Antillas is the first all boxed pressed cigar that My Father Cigars has put out and from the looks of it, they have done a superb job. The Flor de Las Antillas is an absolute beauty.

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

On the pre-light inspection, the body of the cigar brings notes of leather and earth. On the cut, I find the draw to be flawless with just the right amount of resistance.

The Flor de Las Antillas take easily to the flame. On my initial draw, I am met with notes of wood and a subtle cocoa. A good start, hopefully it will continue.

The Flor de Las Antillas is one that has not disappointed. With straight burn lines and big plumes of aromatic smoke, the Flor de Las Antillas delivers solid notes of chocolate, wood, and spice that dance along the tongue through a perfect draw that never falters. Reaching medium body, this cigar has been a pleasure to smoke. With every draw, the burn lines move along the body leaving behind an eye-catching salt and pepper ash that reached the half way point before falling off. Along with solid nuances, a slick creaminess is also present that coats the palate, leaving a thick layer of flavorful goodness. The body stays cool to the touch and never showed any signs of distress. Strength was not a factor with the Flor de Las Antillas as it stayed mild with no nicotine rush whatsoever. Sitting on the back patio of my hotel, this cigar has been the perfect ending to a beautiful Texas evening.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

What can I say, My Father Cigars have hit a home run with the Flor de Las Antillas and they sure deserve all the accolades that it has received. Delivering beautiful nuances with solid construction, this cigar would be a perfect one for any event. I would definitely recommend picking up at least a 5 pack to keep in your box as it is one that will satisfy any cigar lover.


Who is Tony Rubio? Well first and foremost, I am a husband, father, and son. Secondly, I am a Master Mason. All of these things put together make me the man that I am today.

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