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  • August 27, 2015
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Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona


Stick MSRP $4.80

Five Pack Per Stick Price $4.30

Box Price Per Stick $3.98

Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size Name: Cuban Corona

Length: 5.5

Ring Gauge: 45

Strength: Medium



Let me start this by saying that in my opinion, and in all honesty, to me there is no such thing as a bad Fuente. From the Hemingway Short Story, to the Magnum Sungrown “R”, to the Sharks, and OpusX, just to name a few, there are so many sticks to choose from for all tastes and budgets. I easily smoke 3-4 Fuentes a month in the rotation of my “go to” sticks. The size I am reviewing today, a corona, is a great size to have in the morning with coffee. It is a meduium stick so I would even recommend one to close out an evening when you don’t want a large or long smoke. This is my first Fuente Cuba Corona so I am looking forward to trying it. Let’s do this!


The wrapper has a nice, shiny sheen to it and the stick appears to be well constructed with no visible flaws.  It is medium-light coffee in color and I noticed a couple of small veins, but nothing too thick. The cigar is fairly firm, but not tightly packed. Overall the construction looked to be excellent and I expected no burn issues. As I have said in this in earlier reviews, this cigar is a great size for me in the morning or after “round 2” in the evening. Looks like it is time to sniff, clip, draw, and toast.

 Flavor/Taste & Aroma

The unlit aroma I picked up was that of a typical Dominican/Cameroon profile cigar, cedar and a little spice. woody, earthy, and a solid, semi-sweet fermented tobacco scent. On the pre-light draw, I get a more of that woody note, with a faint hint of leather and cocoa. The initial flavor after lighting is great. I get a lot of spice, I am thinking nutmeg, and the cocoa turned to a dark chocolate. The draw is perfect, slight resistance, and the cigar puts out a good amount of smoke. The smoke was very tasty and definite mild to start but building to medium on the pallet as you go. After a while the chocolate flavor disappeared and it became just a rich nuttiness with a rich sweetness in the blend. The burn was sharp and with a firm grey-white ash. The resting smoke was about average and the burn was about average.  

 Personal Notes

I was drinking regular coffee, little bit of cream and sugar, with this one and as I got a bit further into the stick there were some floral notes with the spice I mentioned earlier as well as pepper, chocolate, and a nice cream and nutty flavor. I was impressed by how it burned as it didn’t need any touch-ups just a relight here and there. (mostly due to my own inattentiveness to it) The flavors did change throughout the smoke and it did get a little hot during the end. Burn time was about 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

I really liked this stick. It was a great size and comes from a very reputable manufacturer. It held a nice even burn and tight ash the whole way through. The nutmeg spice gave way to toasted almonds and leather, evolving into an herbal/savory taste with a dark cocoa finish…no complaints from me at all on those flavors and notes. It’s not an overly strong or complex cigar, but is well blended and has clean flavors. The construction is good, very easy draw, lot’s of smoke, and a good tobacco taste. I couldn’t ask for more. It’s not a mind blower but it is a good-tasting smoke with great construction and at a bargain price for less than $4 by the box…and it’s a Fuente! This is a solid 30 min smoke for when you want to burn one, but don’t need to be swept off your feet. Pick up a fiver or a box if you are able. Fuentes are always great to keep around and/or in your rotation. Not much more to say on this one, just as always everyone stay smokey and ash on!


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2 thoughts on “Fuente Cuban Corona”

  1. I always like the flavors on these the first 3 inches or so but then, as you mentioned, they burn a little hot and the almond nuttiness develops a burnt taste to me. Your review is pretty spot on.


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