Gadgetry, the Jetline Cigar and Lighter Tool

We all like gadgets and multi tools, I mean, why not, why carry 15 tools when it can be compacted into one? I know I have an addiction to gadgets, if I see one, I have to have it, which in turn defeats the whole purpose of getting multi functional tools, because now I have a ton of them. One such tool that I picked up a few months back, is a pretty good one for us in the cigar lifestyle. Tired of being out and about and you need to adjust your lighter, or need to purge and fill it? There you are snooping around for a ball point pen or a pencil, or whatever the hell will fit in that small hole, yeah its annoying. Or you need to adjust the flame and there you are screwing around with a set of nail clippers or whatever in order to turn the adjustment. Enter today’s tool, the multi functional punch cutter from Jetline. It’s a three function punch cutter, at one end there is a nub that is used to purge your lighter, the other end a flat head screw driver head for adjusting, and slide the tool apart and you have a punch cutter, and to top it all off there is a ring so you can attach it to your keys or fanny pack, or man bag, whatever is your thing. I have been using this cutter now for a while, I keep it right in the herf I take to work every night. The cutter itself is good quality, good and sharp and has yet to fail me. I like the grip on it, prevents any slippage when twisting it into a cigar. The purger works really well also, just the right size to purge any lighter you might have. The only issue I have with the purger is that, its where they put the ring and sometimes that flops around and gets in the way when purging. That brings us to the lighter adjustment head. Yeah, it’s ok but nothing great. It is designed for lighters that have a large plastic adjustment knob over the typical brass adjuster, and even then the adjuster head is just a hair too narrow so it wont sit in the lighter adjuster right, you have to play around with it. I think it’s a good idea but just needs a bit more thought and engineering. I would make the adjuster head thinner so it would fit the typical lighter that you need a mini screwdriver for, and make it a little wider so it can still be used to adjust the type with the larger adjustment slot. But that’s just me. I might make the nub for purging a little longer too. Over all, a handy tool, great punch cutter, just needs a few changes and it would be a lot better, but then again it’s only $10 at Jetline Cigar and lighter tool.JetLine-Cigar-Lighter-Tool-Adjustment-1 JetLine-Cigar-Lighter-Tool-Adjustment-2

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