Global Launch of Whiskey Thief – American Whiskey News

Global Launch of Whiskey Thief – American Whiskey News


Whiskey Thief

“Behind the mysterious mask hides our wonderfully unique bourbon, fusing time-honoured methods with rare and innovative techniques to create a mature flavour as rich as the Whiskey Thief story.”

Welcome to the Global launch of Whiskey Thief, the bourbon that fuses whiskey-making tradition with innovation, to offer the modern consumer an intriguing, contemporary brand with a smoother, more mature flavour.

Whiskey Thief is authentic to its core, created by Bourbon experts specifically to fill a gap in the market, offering consumers something refreshingly different. From its distinctive mask-style label to its

contemporary typography and bold colour scheme, Whiskey Thief is very much the antithesis to most bourbon brands that follow a well-trodden design path and apply similarly traditional themes, names and motifs. Everything about Whiskey Thief reflects the ethos and independent spirit of its UK-based creators.

The Bourbon in every bottle has been developed over several years with MGP Distillery in Lawrenceberg,Malt Advocate’s 2015 Distiller of the Year’. During this development process, the team ran a particularly exciting experiment which utilized new innovation made available from the barrel industry. The results were truly captivating as they discovered a method, which helped the clock tick a little faster and accelerate the maturation process. The finished taste profile is a mature and truly well-rounded flavour, with a pleasant sweetness, an undercurrent of fruit spice and delicate vanilla and mocha notes. 

Whiskey Thief is delicious either as a smooth, sipping drink or in a refreshing cocktail. Its initial run is limited to 80 barrels meaning that every drop is created with a labour of love.

Whiskey Thief is perfectly poised to capture the imagination of bourbon connoisseurs and newcomers alike and its mystery surely won’t remain a secret for long.

Follow Whiskey Thief on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – @WhiskeyThiefWT. For PR please contact Kitty Lester – and Laura Martin – .

Whiskey Thief will be distributed in the UK exclusively by Amathus Drinks Plc – more information, please contact .

Product RRP
Whiskey Thief Straight Bourbon 70cl 27.76

Source: Whisky Intelligence.

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