Guayacan Sabor de Esteli

Name: Guayacan Sabor de Esteli

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Size: 6 x 52

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Shape: Toro

Price: $ 8.50


Hello everyone and welcome back to another review. Today I bring the Guayacan Sabor de Esteli!I picked this smoke up from Gary Griffith of and want to thank him for giving me the opportunity to try out this beautiful stick. The line is being offered in two wrapper options – a Habano Ecuador and a San Andres. And through my research I have learned that all the Ecuadorian Habanos are circular and all the San Andres are boxed pressed. Something that might help you later on when you are trying to figure out what wrapper is what. Especially because there is not a lot of info about these cigars on the net. I have had the opportunity to try a few of the cigars out of the house of Emilio line already, and I have not had a bad one yet. So needless to say I am ready to get this one so let’s do it!


The Sabor de Esteli comes in a dry slightly course San Andres wrapper, that is beautifully boxed pressed with prominent edges on the top and curved edges on the bottom. Interesting design I kind of like it. The body is flawless sporting tight invisible seams, a slightly visible tooth, minimal veins and is capped off with a gorgeous triple cap. The Sabor de Esteli feel very nice when held, and even with it being so light it still feel very sturdy. Sometimes I feel like a cigar is going to break on me when they feel so light, but this one still feel very sturdy. One thing that I forgot to mention was the ban on this thing it is stunning. Displaying a woman in what I would assume if a Folklorico dress dancing in a tobacco field. Me talking about it just does not do it justice so I will just post a picture below!

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

Running my nose along the body I am able to pick up on a strong manure note. On the foot, I pick up much of the same manure note, but with a slight sweetness. Yes, I said it sweet manure!

Making a clean snip of the cap, I am able to get a very easy draw on the pre-light, being meet with notes of earth and a very subtle chocolate.

On the light the foot of the cigar takes easily to the flame of my cigar reserve spill, Large plume of smoke travel through the easy draw bringing me notes of red pepper, wood, and a subtle sweetness. Good start, let’s see what happens when I reach the end of the 1/3rd.

Reaching the end of the 1/3rd, the Sabor de Esteli has been pleasant. I have mostly picked up on the strong woody notes that it is offering. There is a slight citrus note but is still very much hidden by the big notes of wood. The smoke has been very nice with big woody scented plumes of smoke coming through the very easy draw. Burn lines are not razor sharp, but they are not bad looking either, as they do not require any attention. The light gray colored ash has held on strong making it past the half way point, but don’t think it will be lasting too much longer. We will see as we move into the 2/3rd.

And as I finished that sentence the ash fell, lasting just past the transition point.

Ending the 2/3rd I have not experienced any real transitions. The Sabor de Esteli has been very consistent with strong notes of wood and earth. There is a very subtle coffee note, but you would probably not pick up on it unless you close your eyes and really search for it like I am doing. The some output and burn line have remained consistent with big smoke clouds and even burn. The ash held on very strong in the 1/3rd reaching just past the transition, but since then has fallen about every inch or so. Reaching the band point in the 2/3rd I had no issues with removal, just the right amount of vegetable gum to get the job done and cause no damage to the wrapper. Onward to the last third.

Well, I have come to the close of the last third, and really there is not much to report. Flavors have stayed true to the 2/3rd, with notes of wood and still a subtle coffee, not on the finish. Interesting enough there was an increase in pepper, which I kind of weird to me as usually the pepper starts off in the start then falls and I usually never experience it again. But in the case of the Sabor de Esteli it came, fell off and has now made a subtle come back mostly noticeable on the retro. The burn and smoke have also remained unchanged proving the Sabor de Esteli to be a very consistent worry-free cigar.

Smoking Characteristics:

Smoking the Sabor de Esteli, I found it to be a very well made cigar, with consistent flavor, solid burn lines, and big smoke output. At no time did I experience any signs of trouble, and the body stayed cool to the touch all the way to the little fat nub. An absolute pleasure to smoke.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

I am not sure what it is that they are doing over at the House of Emilio, but ever stick I have received from them has been a home run. I have experienced cigars that are on the extremely complex side to the very consistent straightforward cigar such as the one I have smoked today. Overall the Sabor de Esteli was a pleasure to smoke with everything you want: big smoke, consistent flavors and a worry-free burn line. Definitely a stick that I would pick up again.

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