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  • June 5, 2015
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My latest project, which is done and ready, was a batch of honey bourbon infused semi sweet tipped robusto sized cigar. This time around, I experimented with a new method which is a combination of the jar and humidor method. This method

worked out great, the cigars infused faster and there was no issues as far as humidity. For this, I used what is actually an old tool box that was used to hold a power drill. It’s made of heavy duty high impact plastic and it seals air tight. For this method I set it up like I would for the humidor method, a small bowl of the flavoring, and the cigars placed around it. For some humidity control, under the cigars I put a layer of Luan panel scraps that I had left over from when I converted a china cabinet into a humidor. After everything was placed inside, shut it up and let them rest. For even infusion, I did rotate them every few days. All in all, a success, and will be using this method from now on. It has taken a lot of trial and error, but this way of going about it brought about very satisfying results. If anyone is interested in giving them to try, I have packs of 5 available, just contact me via Facebook or email for details. Good luck with any projects you may be doing or thinking of doing!

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