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  • June 1, 2015
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This weeks discussion: the jar method of infusing
The jar method of infusing is fairly easy, just pickier and requires more maintenance than the humidor method. It is faster than the humidor method, but also comes with more issues you have to keep an eye on. I used this method quite a bit, until I tweaked it into the method I use today, which will be next weeks post. Shall we begin?

Materials needed:
1: A jar big enough for the cigars with a lid (air tight is not necessary) and glass is better than plastic, some plastics can absorb the flavoring, and is a pain to get that out of the plastic.
2: cigars
3: Rocks or marbles for the bottom of the jar, enough to make a 2 inch layer. Keep this in mind when you are buying the jar and cigars, allow for room.
4: liquid flavoring

Step 1: In the bottom of the jar, add 1/2 to an inch worth of the flavoring
Step 2: Add in the rocks or marbles until they are higher than the level of the liquid, make sure the top layer is dry
Step 3: place the cigars in the jar, resting on the rocks, standing up or laying down, it doesn’t really matter in that you will be rotating them.
Step 4: Put the lid on
Seems simple enough right? But this is where the fun comes in. With this method, there is little to no control over the humidity, to put it simple, its the cigars that are the humidity control, and as a result you can over humidify the cigars causing such fun things as split wrappers. What I would do, with the jars I have, the lids are not air tight, so for the first few days I would just plop the lid on. After a few days I would put a layer of plastic wrap over the top of the jar then put the lid on that to make it air tight. I would keep it air tight for most of the day then let it air out for an hour or two a day to prevent over hydration. You have to keep an eye on that, plus with this method you have to make sure everything is clean or you can develop mold problems. As for clean up, the easiest way is if you have a dishwasher, put the rocks or marbles in a spaghetti strainer, then put it all in the dishwasher and boom, everything is ready for the next run. The jar method is perfect for pipe tobacco infusing but that will be for another time. This method is ok for faster infusions, but you just need to keep an eye on it and tweak it to your needs as you go, takes some trial and error.
Until next time, happy infusing, and if there are any questions or comments, send them!

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3 thoughts on “Jar method of infusing”

  1. Great site Tony, very impressive!

    What kinds of liquid flavorings have you been successful with?

    1. Hey Tim Thanks! I am not the resident expert on the Infusions that would be Mr. Joe Shanty! Who I am sure will be on here soon to answer your question!

  2. Any liquids work well, the most popular being different kinds of liquor. I’ve also used things like food extracts you can find in the baking section of just about any store. Another flavoring I’ve had good luck with too are flavored coffee syrups. Basically it’s all up to personal taste and experimentation! And most of all, have fun with it!


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