Louisiana Lightning Clear Sour Mash + Cigar Infusion

  • January 21, 2015
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  • Distiller:Louisiana Lightning
  • Region:American
  • Approximate Price:$19
  • Age: Un-aged
  • ABV: 40%
  • Appearance: Clear

 There is an interesting  story behind Louisiana Lightning, which is all about an old gentleman by the name of Mr. Dufour who, during  a lightning strike in Amite City, Louisiana, Mr. Dufour walked up, touched the lightning bolt, and said “Silky smooth, although it does give one a bit of a tingle.” After saying that he was reported to of sliced off a piece of the lightning bolt, and thus, the claim now is that there is a little tiny sliver of lightning in every bottle to make it “silky smooth.”


            Right up front, I am hit with a very nice, smooth, and almost fruity aroma, accompanied by a very delightful, crisp grain and sour dough that dries the nose. Closing your eyes you could almost imagine yourself back in the prohibition era. Very nice nose on this whisky.


            On the palate, I was greeted with very smooth sweet corn and grain, the grain being the most prominent and in the forefront. This is probably one of the smoothest clear whiskies that I have had, leaving a very slight tingle on my tongue, probably the lightening Mr. Dufour put in there. Usually at this point, I would add a little water to get some of the bite out of the whisky and try to help some of the more subtle flavors become more prominent. But with this whisky I saw no need as it was already very smooth and had powerful flavors.


            The finish lasted about 2 minutes, leaving a delightful grain and what to me tasted almost floral in flavor on my tongue. Very nice finish to this fascinating whisky


Why add water?

By adding a few drops of water to a whisky, you can open up different, new and subtle flavors that you previously had not experienced. This is especially true when drinking cask strength whiskies that have higher alcohol levels (these can be up to and over 60% ABV in some cases). With some whiskies, the alcohol and resulting burning in your mouth can overpower even the most powerful flavors. By adding some water, this dilutes the alcohol and reduces its effect, giving both the prominent and more subtle flavors a chance to be tasted. How much water you add is entirely dependent on your taste. A lot of critics recommend your alcohol to about 35% ABV as that is optimal level to allow the subtle flavors to emerge.

Now onto the Cigar:


Today I am doing a Review for Brother Mark Lea of The Cigar Brothers.  He is kind of what you would call…well, our infusion guy. He enjoys experimenting with all sort of infusions, and today I get the privilege of reviewing his Louisiana Lightening infusion. I am not really sure how I am going to do this, so bear with me. I will not be spending a lot of time really talking about the cigar but more about the flavor profile of the infusion. The cigar that he used to infuse was the La Tabaqueria Robusto, which is a cheap, plain stick. It goes for about $40 for a bundle of 25 on CI. Not too many flavors, not bad flavors, but decent, very well constructed as I have never had any burn or tunneling issues with it. I have had this stick before so I am familiar with the flavor profile. Let’s get into it!

cigar 3 update 2










Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

As I take the cigar out of it container and take a whiff of the body and the foot, I can instantly smell those same sour dough and grain aromas I tasted and smelled with the Louisiana Lightening. Hopefully this is a sign of what is to come. During the 1/3rd I was picking up a sweetness, especially on the draw, which I have never had with this cigar before. The smoke seemed to be quite a bit richer and on the finish I could definitely pick up a very nice earth and hay. Very pleasing, as this is not the normal profile of this cigar. To me the cigar when not infused has a very steady, smooth tobacco flavor throughout the cigar so this is a nice change.

Alright, so I have transitioned in the 2/3rd and sadly I have lost the flavors that I was experiencing in the 1/3rd.  The cigar has transitioned back to its normal smooth tobacco flavors although I am still tasting a bit of sweetness at the back of my throat. It is not what it was at the beginning and the tobacco has stayed consistent throughout the 2/3rd.

So I have reach the last third, and in the beginning the cigar had not made a transition until mid-way through the last third, where I began to once again pick up the sweet smoke on the draw and the earth and hay on the finish. It was at this point the Cigar became too warm for to continue, and it was time for me to put it down.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

Overall, I feel that the infusion was a success but unfortunately only on the 1/3rd and part of the last third. Perhaps with more time, as I believe Mark only infused for 2 weeks, this cigar would have been able to be evenly infused throughout the cigar. All in all, I must say that the Louisiana Lightening made an excellent cigar and for you infusers out there, you should get your hands on one of these bottles and try it for yourself. If you are not up for infusing, just get your hand on a bottle and drink away as it is well worth the purchase! So check them out, info Below!

Contact Info:

Louisiana Lightning
10571 Highway 16
Amite LA 70422
Ph. (985) 748-6722
Fax (985) 748-3484




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