Maltstock News April 2016 – Whisky News

Maltstock News April 2016 – Whisky News

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Zuidam back at Maltstock

We can proudly say that after Patrick’s first Masterclass at Maltstock last year, he will be back with even more geekyness, even more MASTER-class, even more whisky, and even more awesomeness.  Last year Patrick brought a wooping amount of different styles of Zuidam whiskies, young, old, very young, experiments, on sherry, on bourbon and anything inbetween. People learned about distilling, wood influence, temperatures, nots, bolts, cask shapes and everthing else a whisky nerd thinks is cool. However last year’s Masterclass lasted for nearly 3 hours, Patrick wasn’t done. He will be back to continue where he left off, and will have some nice surprises up his sleeve for you to enjoy. And who knows, he might team up with someone. With Patrick (Zuidam), Mark Watt (Cadenhead), and Yumi (Chichibu) three masterclass are out in the open already, and it’s not even March yet. Many more masterclasses are going to be communicated to you in the next couple of weeks. Follow us on Facebook to get the news the fastest. Keep in mind, no ticket = no masterclass, so if you don’t have a ticket yet, please hurry in a relaxed manner to our webshop at maltstock.comClick here

selfie competition

Be creative, be original, be crazy and above all be relaxed with the Maltstock logo, polo, or whatever Maltstock related object you can find. And win a bottle of whisky. Make a selfie with that object or objects and share it on Facebook with a #maltstockselfie tag and send the photo with your name to . The photos will be shown during the camp fire tasting, where the winner will be announced as well.


This Saturday you can find us at the sold out Whisky in Leiden festival in the booth of a Brand New Day, where we will be pouring you their very relaxed whiskies.  Like every year, Maltstock will tour the Spirit of Speyside festival with the Relaxed Maltstock Promo Tour Car sponsored by  Maybe spot the car and make a relaxed selfie with it? Just an idea. Maltstock will be present at Limburg Whisky Messe in Limburg am Lahn as well.


This year the Maltstock breakfast will be made by a Keeper of the Quaich. How relaxed is that? Congratulations Wullie, it’s well deserved!


Agenda (Maltstock visiting other festivals): Whisky in Leiden 16 Apr. 2016 Limburg Whisky Messe 23-24 Apr. 2016 Speyside Whisky Festival 28 Apr. – 2 May 2016


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