Memorial day

Lets take a moment out of this day of grilling, chilling, and drinking to think of the true meaning of the day. LEts remember those that gave all in the service of our great country so that we can enjoy the freedom we have today, the freedom to grill, chill, and get inebriated. In these times, especially these times, where it’s a bad thing to be proud of your country, our President going over seas to apologize for everything that us Americans have fought and died for, there seems to be a faltering and lack of national pride anymore. We all know people who have fought and died to preserve this country, and seemingly, with these younger generations, they have no concept of what kind of sacrifice it is to dedicate your life serving and knowing that there is a good chance that you will not make it back home. Instead, this new “entitlement” generations sits back, demanding that everything should be handed to them, not thinking about what had to be done in order for them to even have the right to ask for stuff. It irritates me that if you have pride in your country, or have respect and work hard to be a success, you are crapped on, labeled idiotic names, protesters out there that protest the right of someone else to practice free speech, people destroying monuments and memorial day set ups just because they see our country for something it’s not. We all know someone who served, or gave all. Why disrespect them just because you have been drinking the Kool aid of the latest trend, hipping on the latest bandwagon just because all the cool kids are doing it? I personally knew a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan. We knew each other, true, we weren’t close friends or anything, but we knew each other. He was a grade or two below me in high school, and when he graduated he went into the Army. He fought for us, he felt he was doing the right thing, and I respect that. He gave it all for his country, even went back for another tour when it didn’t have too, leaving his family behind never to return. He died to help protect this great country, his family and every family. So on this day, I reflect back on that young kid I used to see in the hallway at school, think about the dedication he had for his unit, for his country, and I try not to get too embarrassed about how this country headed. Take a moment today, put the lid on the grill, put the beer down for a moment and think. Think about the people who sacrificed all, and celebrate their memory. Don’t be like one of those idiots that protest everything, go out and help better this nation. If you go to a parade today, don’t be like one of the idiots that bitch about how the parade wasn’t entertaining enough for you and your kids. The parade isn’t for your entertainment, it’s to respect the fallen ones, so kindly get your head out of your self righteous ass.

Yes it’s memorial day, and a beautiful day it is. Beautiful sun, nice breeze, and cooler, perfect for sitting outside to have a cigar while pondering the day. Today’s selection is a H. Upman Vintage Camaroon Lonsdale. Beautiful brown wrapper, a barny smell and perfect draw. Underneath the Cameroon wrapper is a mix of Nicaraguan, Dominican and Peruvian tobacco, that produces a fine aroma, and a sweet flavor that has a mix of cedar and a touch of spice, a perfect blend for enjoying on a day such as this. A great even burn just helps solidify the quality that is H. Upman. Great stuff. Yes the cigar is good, but whats more important than the cigar or this review, is to just remember our fallen heroes and the sacrifices their families had to endure.


Until next time, I salute those who have fallen, and those who made it out alive, and to those who are still serving today.



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