Ninjas and Freshly Decapitated Heads



nama2Tonight seemed to be a Japanese inspired kind of night. Good and bad. Started this evening off with a Gurkha Ninja, had hopes for it because it was of a different variety of the Ninja that I tried and reviewed before. Sure, the issues I had with the other Ninja were not evident, the last one had construction issues, falling apart, not staying lit, cracking like a mirror after I look into it. This Ninja tonight had good construction, semi even burn, no massive cracking or anything, it just…well…It tasted like a dog turd left out in the sun to bake for a month and a half. The Gurkha curse strikes again. I made it about halfway through it before I thought I would have to gargle bleach and Pine-sol in order to get the taste out of mouth. Thankfully, that was the last Gurk I had in the humidor. Bleh. Not a good way to start the night. Out the window it went to go to either fertilize the lawn or kill it, hard to tell what it might do. Such is life. Now onto the the good part of the evening.

As you may know, I like to try cigars that I know basically nothing about. It’s all part of the learning experience, I gain more knowledge about the cigars, flavor profiling, and it helps me sound like I know what I am talking about. I admit I am no cigar expert, or even smart for that matter. I smoke, I try to write in a manner that can be understood, throw in some nonsense and hope that people can get an idea about the cigar that I am writing about. With this second cigar for the evening, I knew nothing about, or even how to pronounce the name. I came across it a few weeks ago and picked it up for $9.99. The Namakubi by Room 101. While smoking said cigar, I did a little research, as I often do. Come to find out, the name in Japanese means “freshly decapitated head”. Awesome, I like demented stuff, and whoever was the demented person over at Room 101 that came up with this, I’d like to shake their hand. There seems to be a lot of hidden meanings in the names of cigars, the Chingon is slang for “fucking awesome”, and it fits that cigar well in that it is pretty awesome. What attracted me to this cigar, not only was it one that was completely new to me, but was how it was presented. A full paper sleeve on the outside, black with Japanese characters in red, so I was drawn to it like the people who get the tattoos of characters when they have no idea what the hell they mean. Under the sleeve the cigar was wrapped in tissue paper, no not a Kleenex, but the kind of paper you use in gift bags and what not. Under that, is the cigar in all its glory with a red and black band with the name written in some flowery fancy font that makes it almost impossible to read. Nice packaging. The size that I bought I believe is what they call the Papi Chulo, 4×48, basically a corona length but the shape of a solomon, fat at the end with a little nub sticking out for your lighting pleasure. It’s composition includes a habano wrapper from Ecuador, and fillers of Dominican and Hondurus origin. At first sniff, I found it had a slight sweet smell to it, and I got the same from the dry draw, a super easy draw at that. Lighting it up you get slapped with a lot of spice, pepper, leather, earth, an underlying nuttiness. Very impressed, and indeed a flavor bomb as the cool people say. The thing that really got me was how the flavors changed as you went along, a bold spicy peppery kick that slowly mellowed to the halfway point, where it then changed to a more of a sweeter cinnamon flavor with a hint of clove, however the spice kept reminding you it was there. You take a puff, get the sweetness and cinnamon, then a second later the pepper kicks the back of your throat. Very enjoyable and complex. It was constructed very well, the ash hung one for about 2/3 before it fell off, which surprised me because it was windy out. I had to do a few touch ups here and there, but like I mentioned, it was windy and it happens. The only real problem I had with this bloody decapitated head was that when I was done, I wanted more. I’m not sure how they managed to get that kind of flavor into it, maybe their secret ingredient is the heads of their enemies, but who cares, they hit a home run, and I wont ask questions because there’s a chance my head might be rolling next. If you come across these cigars, buy one. Do it now before the head hunters are sent out. Room 101 Namakubi. Great smoke.

Until next time, refill your lighters and smoke something.




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