Drew Estate Nirvana.. Here we are now, entertain us……

Yeah I couldn’t help myself. Today’s selection is the Drew Estate Nirvana, and the name just threw me back to my early teens when Nevermind came out. Kind of a funny story, the first time I heard Nirvana was on AM radio. AM radio? People still use that? Well at that point I did, for Christmas that year I got a little radio that is supposed to attach to your bike, even had a little horn on it, and ran on C batteries, and it was AM radio only. When I got it I was skeptical about it, I mean really, what is there to listen to on AM? I turned it on, twisted the dial this way and that way, and then boom, what the hell is this? It was a Metallica song. Groovy, so I kept it on there. The next song, something I haven’t heard before, it was raw, crunchy and primal, something completely different for what was on the radio at the time. IT was at the time where gangsta rap was really huge, hair metal was disappearing, hard rock in the mainstream was a thing of the past, and boom, here was a song on the radio that really caught my attention, and it turned out to be Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. The station? 540AM out of Ottawa Ontario, Canada. I was hooked, and listened to that stations for years, I would purposely get up early in the morning to catch the Rooster Club with Doc and Woody at 5:40 until 6 in the morning, Through that station I got exposed to great music of that time, Hugh Dillon and the Headstones, by far my favorite Canadian band, Tragically hip before they hit it big here in the states, Junkhouse, Our Lady Peace, Tripping Daisy, 54-40, The Watchmen, Econoline Crush…the list goes on and on. In the late 90’s the station was growing in popularity and they decided to switch over to FM as 106.9 the Bear,  which excited me so I could get better reception. The change happened, and it just wasn’t the same. Now they had more sponsers, more regulations, the Rooster Club disappeared, Doc and Woody had more restrictions and eventually moved on to  another Canadian rock station, 106.1 CHEZ. Mind you, I still listened because they still played some of my favorites, but it went downhill. Last year 106.9 was bought out and now they play nothing but house dance music. Gone was an era that was a big influence on my life, music is a huge part of my life, I always have to have music playing. But I digress, and I got a little off topic. Back to the cigar.

The cigar, a Drew Estate Nirvana, an interesting bit of cigar, a camaroon wrapper and a San Andreas binder, Jalapa and Esteli fillers, and 100% flavorful. They say this cigar is on the strong side but I found it to be more of a medium. The wrapper was a nice cardboard brown, very well constructed and had a great burn. Flavor wise, I got a lot of leather, cedar and an almost black tea flavor with just a hint of underlying sweetness. One description that was given said there’s notes of olives and coffee beans. I din’t get that but then again everyone’s tastes are different, I just report on my experience. Price is around $45 for a 5er, for a premium from Drew that’s not too bad. If you want to switch up your daily rotation of smokes, this would be a good one to give a whirl.

Until next time, like what you smoke, smoke what you like, and keep the music playing.

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