Nub Cameroon

  • August 20, 2015
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Nub Cameroon


Stick MSRP $5.91

Five Pack Per Stick Price $5.20

Box Price Per Stick $4.79

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Size Name: Nub 460 Cameroon

Length: 4.5

Ring Gauge: 60

Strength: Medium



Big ring gauge cigars have fans and detractors, I for one am a person who is neutral to them. If they are well executed, taste good, and the price is right I am alright with the bigger size. Now throw in the fact that this is a Cameroon wrapped monster and you’ve got me. The Nub line of cigars is a creation of Sam Leccia of whom I have great respect for his offerings. By comparison, I have smoked literally boxes of Perdomo Cameroon Cabinet cigars and love the wrap, again, when executed perfectly. The Nub 460 Cameroon is one of these sticks. Like other sticks this nub is one you can light and not have to fuss with much. It is ready and smokeable once lit properly, needs little if any touchups, and is full of flavor and character. (Can you tell I already like this stick?) So without further ado or gilding of the lilly let’s dive in.


Even with its large size after inspecting and holding it quickly begins to feel natural. There is a slight oily sheen on the wrapper and there are small delicate veins that run from head to foot. The texture of the cigar is soft to the touch and firm when pinched. When progressively pinched from head to foot the cigar felt firmly and consistently packed with tobacco. It is heavy for its size but really beckons one to be smoked. Overall the construction looked to be excellent and I expected no burn issues as I have smoked 2-3 other Cameroons and several other nub varietals. Looks like it is time to sniff, clip, draw, and toast.

 Flavor/Taste & Aroma

The unlit but clipped aroma has a deep earthy and coffee like smell. On the pre-light draw, I get slight resistance and more of that coffee note with some savory spice. The initial flavor after lighting is great. I get a hit of creamy espresso and spicy cocoa. The draw is perfect, slight resistance, and the cigar kicks out a good amount of smoke. The smoke was rich and smelled excellent. After a few puffs the chocolate flavor disappeared and the richness of the Cameroon wrapper really started to become the dominant flavor. The burn was razor sharp and with a firm light grey ash. The resting smoke was about average and the burn was about average. Smoking time was a little over an hour and some leather and nut entered the mix near the end…I always like sticks that present with that at some point.  

 Personal Notes

I was drinking some Bourbon with this one this one and as I got further into the stick I was hit with a slight slowdown in flavor production. It didn’t stop; it just became a consistent and enjoyable smoke. I was getting a stronger earthy/woody like flavor, as well as pepper with the nice cream and nutty flavor. As with most nubs I have smoked I was impressed by how evenly it burned for me. It didn’t need any touchups at all. The flavors didn’t really change too much beyond that but by no means is that a bad thing.

Final Thoughts

I have smoked most of Sam Leccia’s offerings and have purchased several boxes of said offerings. This Cameroon would be amongst one of my suggestions as a box purchase. I did not want the cigar to end and that is not only saying a lot but for me but speaks volumes to the variety and consistency of the sticks that come from Sam as a blender. I consider this a medium bodied smoke with enough variety of flavors to be had to keep one satisfied and glad with their decision to purchase…regardless of stick, fiver , or box investment you will not have buyer’s remorse after buying a few of these. With that being said, even though some may balk at the size of this cigar and knowing what kind of consistent experience you will have with this smoke, this stick makes is a “go to” for me. As always stay smokey and ash on!


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