Oliva/ Studio Tabac Wrath Maduro

WIN_20160504_13_51_10_ProFeel my wrath! Hoo hoo haaahaahaaaaaaaa…..hack hack cough…..pardon me. Ahem. Whew that was a close one. Anywho, today’s selection is the Wrath maduro, which sprang from the creative loins of Studio Tabac, which in turn, is part of Oliva cigars. Just about everyone has heard about Oliva, with their Nubs, and various alphabetical lines, the G, O, V, Master blends……Sure, we know who they are and they make an awesome product. So what is this Wrath you ask? Why this is a little gem made up of Nicaraguan long fillers, a Mexican binder and a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper, which combine into a tasty slightly spicy, earthy medium body cigar experience. It starts off with a stronger peppery flavor which then mellows out as you go. It pairs well with coffee.

I happened to run across these in a mail order catalog, and was, like a lot of people, attracted to them like a woman to a pair of shoes, or a bird to a shiny object or a fat kid to a twinkey. (It’s ok, I was a fat kid so I’m allowed to say that) I saw the ad, “New from Oliva” and the beautiful picture of a deep dark, almost black maduro cigar, with a bad ass dark grey band, metallic red stripes and metallic red lettering you might find in a satanic goth band logo. I was hooked before I even saw the price tag. Then I looked. “Holy deep fired bacon dipped in fake cheese sauce” I thought to myself, I can get a box of 15 of these bad boys for around 60 bucks! So I did.

The smoking experience with the Wrath is typical of any product by Oliva. Solid construction, good draw, practically a perfect burn, and a light grey ash that almost appears white against the black maduro, and of course plenty of big clouds of smoke that could make competitors in the realm of competitive vape steam blowing hang up their box and smoke a real cigar for a change. (Who would have thought that blowing steam in the air could be a serious competition? I’ll place my money on Thomas the Train) The ash itself holds pretty well, fell off after an inch or so for my daily ash christening of my pants, and requisite amount naughty boy words that would make any pirates parrot blush.

Ashed pants and blushing parrots aside, if you like a dark peppery tongue tingler, and products by Oliva, give this one a whirl. Until next time, enjoy what you smoke and smoke what you enjoy, and if you take my advice and try something I like and you happen to hate it, it’s the swearing parrots fault. He made me do it. He threatened me with his pecker.


And yes, it pairs well with coffee.

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