Pink Flamingo 22 by Harry Rockafella

Name: Pink Flamingo 22 by Harry Rockafella

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Size: 4.5 x 60

Wrapper: Ligero

Binder: Ligero

Filler: Ligero

Shape: Doube Robusto

Price: N/A



The Pink Flamingo? Yeah, that is the same thing I thought when I was so graciously sent a sample from Ed Kashouty of Hiram and Solomon Cigars. I have never heard of this cigar, but from looking on their Facebook page they seem to have a little bit of a cult following. The Pink Flamingo 22 was a creation developed by a man named Harry Rockafella, who also has a very large hand in the making of the ever growing Hiram and Solomon Cigar that has blown through the roof over the last few months.  This cigar, according to the notes that I was sent, is made from a blend of 7 different ligero leafs which make up the wrapper, binder, and filler with 10 years of aging! That is impressive but everything looks good on paper! So who is Harry Rockafella? Well, their website seems to say it best so I won’t mess it up.

Harry Rockafella started working in the tobacco industry at a very young age.  As a child his hands were soil-laden as he happily poured his heart and soul into his work in his family’s tobacco fields. From then forward, his passion has always been in the tobacco industry. Graduating into an adult he has continued his dream and soul’s calling to producing premium tobacco for all to enjoy. He prides himself on a great product. Cigars are not just a job or an income; the soil of the of the fields are in his blood, the plants root into his heart and the finished product is his joy and celebration of his lifestyle that he passionately shares with the world!”

But that is not all…

Harry was behind the creation process of Hiram & Solomon Cigars as he helped put together the perfect cigar to bring owners Ed Fashouty & George Dakrat’s ideas, desires, and expectations into reality, allowing them to form Hiram & Solomon Cigars and share their dream with the world.”

I have reviewed all of the Hiram and Solomon Cigar line and let me tell you, they are good! So if Harry Rockafella was able to create a cigar that good for someone else, I wonder how good of a cigar he made for himself? Well ladies and gents, let’s find out!


For being called the Pink Flamingo, this cigar does not have a lot of pink in it. When I first imagined this cigar, I thought hot pink and feathers haha But it is a little more subtle than that. The band gives me sort of a Las Vegas feel to it. Like 1970’s Las Vegas. The band is silver, purple and pink, the colors actually go pretty well together and is not a bad looking band at all. You can see  for yourself in the pictures. The body of the Pink Flamingo comes wrapped in a dark chocolate almost black wrapper. The wrapper itself is oily and sort of glistens in the light as the light refracts off the tiny hairs along the body. Along the body, there is really just one pretty hefty vein, and the rest are small little ones running all over the place. The wrapper has tight invisible seams, no visible tooth, and is capped off with a seamless double cap. Not a bad looking stick at all.

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:


On the body of the pink flamingo, I am greeted with notes of earth and chocolate. Making my way to the foot it is much of the same.

Getting rid of the pesky cap with one snip of my cutter, I am able to expose the Pink Flamigos perfect draw. Through it I am able to gather notes of earth and a slight pepper that tickles the back of my throat.

On the light, I experience no difficulties. My initial draw is pleasant with notes of earth, leathery sweetness, and then a pepper that lingers on the finish. Not a bad start, let’s see how well it will progress.

At the end of the 1/3rd, the Pink Flamingo has been enjoyable, but not very complex. There is a thick, creamy milk chocolate note that has been in control the whole time. There is an earthy note that makes itself present on the finish, but for the most part just a beautiful, thick creamy chocolate. The burn lines have been very wavy but so far not needing any attention. Smoke out-put is huge. With every draw I receive big clouds of smoke and then it also just pours out the foot. The ash is a flaky white and red hued ash. I am not sure where the red is coming from. I don’t know if the wrapper is dyed or what but the reddish hue is very interesting and not something I have seen before.

Travelling through the 2/3rd, there are have been a couple of changes. The thick creaminess that I was experiencing in the 1/3rd has mellowed substantially. New notes of wood, coffee, and sweetness have made a big push onto the front of the palate and are now in control. The burn lines have also cleaned themselves up quite a bit and are more straight than they were at the start. Smoke out put is still big and aromatic. The body of the Pink Flamingo is cool to the touch even when I get right up to the char line. Ash has remained the same; still a flaky white ash and the reddish hue has since disappeared. I am still confused by what it could have been. Any ideas let me know in the comments section. On ward to the last third.

Finishing up the last third of the Pink Flamingo, there have not been many changes. The flavor profile has stayed consistent from the 2/3rd with notes of earth/wood, and coffee being most prominent. The only real changes were in the construction once again. The burn again went back to being very wavy having me worried through much of my time with the cigar. Constantly making me reach for the torch, but I never actually had to use it. The ash was still flaky, but held on well. I was hoping that the creaminess was going to come back but unfortunately it never did. Still an enjoyable smoke.


Smoking Characteristics:

I actually smoked 3 different vitolas of this cigar and they all acted pretty much the same. They all had wavy burn lines and the flavor profiles were consistent among them all. The draw was perfect from start to finish, having just the right amount of resistance for my liking. The burn rate was good, reaching just past the hour mark before I reached my stopping point. The ash for the most part was bright white. At the start, I was really baffled by the reddish hue in the ash and it still has me wondering what it could have been. I will do some research on the matter and get back to all if I figure it out. The Pink Flamingo is a good smokable cigar but you really need to keep a watch on the burn.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

The Pink Flamingo overall is a good cigar, the flavors are great and the construction is workable. The flavor profile was great with notes of creamy chocolate, wood, earth, leather all things I enjoy. But the burn was just all over the place and sometimes I found myself paying more attention to the burn than I was to the flavors.Which can really put a damper on the smoking experience. Would I say give it a shot? Yes, definitely. If it was not for the burn issues the Pink Flamingo would of been a dynamite cigar and could of made it to the top of my rotational list. So pick one up and see what happens and when you do make sure to let me know how it goes! I intend on picking up some more of these when I get to Texas. Maybe it just need some good Texas air.

If you would like to get our hands on this cigar please visit the Pink Flamingo Facebook page link is below!

And like always Thanks for spending some time with me!


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