Podcast #192: Becoming Batman to Do Good

Podcast #192: Becoming Batman to Do Good

It’s been said that comic book superheroes are modernity’s version of the great Greek myths. Just as the ancient Greeks used the stories of Odysseus or Hercules as guides on how to live their lives, many modern individuals who grew up on superhero stories have found inspiration in them on how to live a heroic life, even if they’re just average joes.

My guest today on the podcast is a documentarian who has created films about real-life people who have been inspired by comic book heroes to do good in their communities. His name is Brett Culp and he’s the director of Legends of the Knight and Look to the Sky.

In today’s episode, Brett and I discuss why Batman is such an enduring superhero and how he’s inspired a millionaire to dress up like Batman and visit kids in the hospital, and a child psychologist to start using Batman comic books to teach troubled children skills like resilience and courage. We also discuss Brett’s unique way of showing these films so that he can raise money for charity. If you love comic books, you’re going to love this podcast. Even if you’re not a big fan of comic books, you’re still going to enjoy it. It’s a truly uplifting story.

Show Highlights

  • How his son’s autism spectrum diagnosis prompted Brett to look at how superheroes have inspired people to take on challenges in their lives (03:30)
  • Why Batman is such an enduring icon (06:00)
  • How the life of Batman can be a template of how to deal with depression (07:30)
  • How Michael Uslan risked his career and fortune to save Batman from campiness and created the modern superhero movie genre in the process (09:00)
  • How Batman inspired a successful businessman to sell his business and build a Batmobile to visit sick children in the hospital (14:30)
  • The 18-year-old who dressed like Batman and rode around in his community on a scooter doing good deeds (15:00)
  • How a psychologist uses Batman comics in his therapy with children (19:00)
  • How stories are virtual reality simulators (22:00)
  • The unique way Brett releases his films in order to raise money for charity (24:00)
  • Brett’s new film Look to the Sky (27:00)
  • Brett’s documentary that he’s working on right now about the influence dads have on daughters (31:00)

Resources/Studies/People Mentioned in Podcast

If you’re looking to be uplifted and edified, take an hour and half out of your day to watch Legends of the Knight. It will inspire you to go out and do some good, as well as dig into your old Batman comic books. And be sure to visit Brett’s site Rising Hero for more information about his upcoming films Look to the Sky and A Voice that Carries.

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