Psyko Seven Maduro

Name: Psyko Seven Maduro

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Size:  5 1/2 x 50

Wrapper: San Andres

Binder: Ecuadorian Hybrid 151

Filler: Nicaraguan Ligero, Peruvian Pelo de Oro, Honduran Seco, Dominican Hybrid, USA PA Ligero

Shape: Robusto

Price: $Seven

Who’s ready to get PsyKo? I know I am, and with Ventura cigars in your humidor getting Psyko has never been easier. Since the first release of the Psyko Seven, Ventura cigars has been able to set themselves apart with their in your face box designs and BIG cigar body bands. And when the Psyko Seven fans demanded more, Ventura cigars answered with the release of their new Psyko Seven Maduro. The Psyko Seven had already been available in several different vitolas, but brand manager Kevin Newman knew that was simply not enough. So when they came upon some amazing San Andreas Maduro wrappers, they knew this is what they needed to take the Psyko Seven to the next level. After many hours of slide show presentations, focus groups, and parties Kevin Newman, a.k.a the notorious Mr. K, was able to  convince Henke Kelner to go for it. I actually have no idea if it took all of that to convince him, but I like to think it did haha. When all was said and done, three sizes of the Psyko Seven Maduro were born: the Robusto, Toro, and the GORDO! And what a hit they have been, especially the Gordo, already receiving many different accolades including a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado, 91 from Cigar Snob, and 91 from Cigar & Spirits. But even with all those awards, mine is the only rating that matters to me! So let’s get into it!


The Psyko Seven arrived wrapped in a course, toothy, San Andreas wrapper. The body is firmly packed, with tight invisible seams, minimal veins and is capped off with a cleanly placed double cap. There is no discoloration or soft spots along the body. The Psyko Seven feels magnificent in my hand and is a little on the weighty side, which I really enjoy. Just holding the cigar makes me think “hell yeah this is a well-made cigar”. But the real test is yet to come.

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

Placing the Psyko Seven under my nose, the first note that makes itself present is a soft earth, followed by a dark chocolate aroma. Inhaling off the foot, notes of earth, chocolate, and a subtle citrus make their way onto my senses.

Once again, I will be using my double guillotine to make my snip of the cap. After a clean cut, I bring the Psyko Seven up to my mouth to proceed with my pre-light draw. I am then met with notes of earth and a subtle chocolate through a perfect draw, having just the right amount of resistance.

On the light, I am pummelled with a big pepper blast, then after a few tearful moments, it settled to a subtle sweetness as it washed over my palate. The pepper on the palate was quite pleasing. The mistake I made was that I went right for the retro and I paid for it. Great start! Let’s see what the rest of the 1/3rd has in store for me.

Finishing up the 1/3rd, the Psyko Seven has been performing like a champ. Notes of wood, chocolate, dried fruit, and a subtle hint of pepper greet me on the retro. The flavors flow perfectly with one another, making for a very pleasing array of flavorful notes. The smoke output is light but brings with it big noted smoke. The ash has been tightly packed and displays a grayish/white colored ash that held on all the way to the transition point. Burn lines have been razor sharp not requiring any attention. I have really become fond of the dried fruit note over the last few months, as I am finding it present in cigars more and more. Today the Psyko Seven is only adding to my want for that note.

Making my way through the 2/3rd, the woodiness of the Psyko Seven has really picked up. The dried fruit I had been experiencing has completely transitioned out, being replaced by another one of my favorites, leather. The bold, leathery notes are very strong on the finish and are also very noticeable in the aromatic smoke that is being released off of the foot and on my exhale. Burn lines have been staying razor sharp and still not requiring me to be mindful of them in the slightest. So far a solid, worry-free smoke.

Reaching 15 min past the hour, I have come to the end of the Psyko Seven and this saddens me, for it was here in the last third the leathery notes have really picked up to another level and took full control. The woodiness that was a key player in the 2/3rd plummeted to the point of almost non-existent, which made room for a very subtle coffee note that made its way in and made a home on the finish. Once again, the smoke and burn lines have stayed true, never wavering away perfection.

Smoking Characteristics:

Other than… well… who I am kidding? The Psyko Seven performed immaculately. Great burn, pleasing aromatic smoke, and a solid combination of flavors. My only complaint was that I only had the Robusto and there wasn’t more of it. The body stayed cool to the touch and never showed any signs of distress. A very solid smoke, indeed.


Who is Tony Rubio? Well first and foremost, I am a husband, father, and son. Secondly, I am a Master Mason. All of these things put together make me the man that I am today.

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