R.P. Super Ligero… Bring the pain!

  • August 9, 2015
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Name: RP Ligero

Wrapper:  ST. Augustine Habano

Binder:  Habano (proprietary)

Filler: Nicaraguan and Costa Rican Triple Ligero

Shape: Toro

Per Stick Price: $7.50 single/ $6.90 5-pack/ $6.50 box


Alright, so I have to admit I am a little worried about this one. As many of you all know I am not a big fan of full strength cigars, and today I do battle with the Costa Rican Triple Ligero in the RP Super Ligero.   The Super Ligero comes wrapped in a dark chocolate St. Augustine Habano wrapper that displays a slightly veiny appearance with tight invisible seams. The body is firmly packed with no soft that I can feel. It seems to be well made and is a pleasing to the eye.  OK enough with the beating around the bush, let’s light’er up!


Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

On the pre-light draw, I am pick up on strong earthy notes through an open draw.  The light was a breeze, the foot taking very nice to my torch producing large clouds of tasty smoke. My initial experience is a pepper bomb with strong notes of white pepper that rush onto the palate.

When I began smoking this cigar, I thought all I was going to get was power and more power, and the flavors would hurt because of this, but that was not the case.   Besides being a powerhouse stick it is very tasty! With notes of wood, cinnamon, and strong cherry notes.  The cherry for me was very strong on the palate and added a nice sweetness that I was not expecting.  And like I said POWERHOUSE, and it does not take long to experience it.  I was about three puffs in and could already feel it.  Smoke output was plentiful coming through on a perfect draw releasing tons of aromatic smoke. Likewise, the burn was outstanding, stay even all the way to the end and exposing a nice gray ash.



Conclusion/Overall Impression:

Not at all what I was expecting. Is this cigar a powerhouse, yes. And for all of you who love full strength this is a perfect cigar. But with it, you are also getting a full flavored cigar that delivers on every draw. Yes, I am not a fan of full strength cigar, but this is one that I can see myself smoking again. With this kind of flavor, I can look past the strength.

You can pick up your very own Super Ligero by visiting Cigarharvest.com


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3 thoughts on “R.P. Super Ligero… Bring the pain!”

  1. I have not had one yet, but your thoughts are very much in line with other reviews I’ve read. A full body cigar that’s not as scary as it’s name! Can’t wait to try one!!!

  2. I really like this cigar, and I’m not overly fond of many in the RP portfolio. This is such a different cigar to me from the myriad of other cigars in the RP line. It’s not as scary strong as the name implies, it’s just a good, rich, satisfying cigar. I’ve only smoke the Toro and Lancero so far and they are different from one another but pleasing in their own way.

    1. Yeah, when I got the cigar I thought I was in for a rough day, but it was not a bad as I thought it would be. I was very pleased with the flavors, and like you I am not a fan of to many RP.

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