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RBH Corona Gorda Natural and ***GIVEAWAY!***

  • August 12, 2015
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Name: R. B. H (Richard B. Herman) Corona Gorda Natural

Country of origin: Nicaraguan

Size: 6.5 x 64

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Filler:  Nicarauan Cuban Seed Blended Ligero, Viso, and Seco

Shape: Corona Gorda

Price: $30- $40 per stick


Come Experience a little piece of the GOOD LIFE!


What’s going on my friends? Do I have a treat for you all today! When most people think of high-end cigars, names like Davidoff, Partagas, and Padron may be the first to come to mind. But there is one stick that you probably have never heard of that should be a part of that list, that stick being the R.B.H. (Richard B. Herman). So why is it that you’ve probably never heard of this cigar? Well, that is because it is a very exclusive limited edition boutique cigar. Currently, the R.B.H can be purchased in hotels such as The Aria and the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Grand Havana Rooms in LA and NYC, and the St. James in London, UK. At these exclusive hotels, you can get your hand on an R.B.H for upwards of 90 DOLLARS perstick. But what makes these cigars so great? The beauty of these cigars is that they are mature Cuban seed planted and grown in the volcanic regions of Esteli, Nicaragua (for 15 plus years), just adjacent to their friends, the Padron Family farm. The magic doesn’t stop there. The three leaves that are used in these beautiful cigars are then hand-picked from 3 different elevations around Nicaragua. The Ligero leaf is harvested from 3,000 ft above sea level in the well-known region of Esteli, Nicaragua. The Viso leaf, being collected from the center of the tobacco plant, are picked at 1500 feet above sea level in the beautiful Condega region. Last but not least, the Seco leaves are harvested from below sea level in the Jalapa Valley crater. Once collected, these beautiful leaves are then sent to Little Havana, Miami. There they are masterfully blended under the control of renowned Master Blender Manny Medina (from Partagas and Davidoff, in Cuba). Once the blend is completed, the R.B.H is masterfully hand rolled by their expert Cuban rollers. R.B.H. prides themselves on the fact that their cigars are entirely blended and rolled by Cuban experts. You may be thinking that there is no way that you are ever going to get your hands on the R.B.H. Hold that thought, because at the end of this review I will let you know how to get your hands on the R.B.H, and you won’t be paying 90 bucks a stick, either.



With a beautifully soft, slightly bumpy natural shade wrapper, the R.B.H is a stunning cigar. The body of the cigar is firmly packed with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, no tooth, and is capped off with a perfectly placed triple cap. The construction of the R.B.H is solid, the size a bit intimidating. I feel like I could probably take someone out with it if it came down to that. Dressing the RBH is a cigar band that closely resembles the well known Cohiba cigar. I think there could have been a little more originality put into this cigar band, but if you are going to imitate anything, it might as well be the best. Plus, I have said it may times before, some of the most beautiful bands I have seen have been on some of the worst cigars I have ever smoked. With all of that out of the way, let’s get into the cigar. That is what you are here for, right? Not my rambling!


Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

Closing my eyes and running the R.B.H under my nose, the body of the RBH emits strong earthy notes. While on the foot of the cigar, I experience much of the same, but there is an additional cocoa aroma that is also present.

After the cut, I perform my pre-light draw where I find notes of woody earth traveling through a perfect draw.

Today I will be using my cedar spill on the light, and with the expert guidance of Richard Herman himself, I will be pairing my R.B.H with a glass of my favorite scotch whisky, the Dalmore Cigar Malt.

On the light, my initial experience is superb. The draw being right where I like it, allowing for massive clouds of nuance filled smoke to travel through the body, coating my palate with flavors of earth, nut, and a slight spice on the long finish.

Throughout my time with the RBH, I was welcomed by pleasant nuances of earth, cedar, cocoa, nut, and a subtle licorice. The flavors intermingled perfectly with one another, leaving a creamy slick of flavorful notes that last from draw to draw being carried along on a very long finish. In the 1/3rd, notes of cedar wood, earth, and a subtle pepper were the dominate notes. The pepper only being on the finish and falling off right around the midway point of the 1/3rd. In the 2/3rd, the flavors took a slight shift, with most of the earthy notes moving out and being replaced by a pleasing cocoa note. For a moment, the cocoa took the dominate role but was short lived as it fell off quickly with the introduction of a creamy nuttiness at about the half way point. The mixture of wood and the smooth nuttiness was very pleasant. As I reached the end of the 2/3rd, a strong licorice note made an appearance. Licorice was not something that I was expecting at this point but was a very nice addition to the already pleasing nuances. The notes of cedar, licorice and nuttiness would take me to my stopping point.



The pairing of the RBH with the Dalmore Cigar Malt was perfect.With every sip, the notes of wood and nut would come rushing to the front of the palate taking my experience to the next level and leaving me wanting more. Off the foot, billows of smoke emerged, filling the room with glorious tobacco and wood scented smoke.


Smoking Characteristics:

While smoking, the RBH performed flawlessly, with a big clouds of aromatic smoke billowing with every exhale. The ash on the RBH started off solid with an eye-catching tightly packed grayish white ash. But as I moved further through the RBH, the ash became a bit more flaky but never lost its bright grayish-white appearance. Burn lines were wavy but never needing any attention from me, always fixing itself and never getting out of control. At no time did I experience any tunneling or overheating. It was the very definition of a fire and forget cigar. The band came off with no issues, being held on with an easy to release self-adhesive.



Conclusion/Overall Impression:

All I can say is that I have got to start an RBH savings plan, because I must keep these stocked.  Now, I usually don’t rate cigars, but if I were to give it a score between 1-10, there is no doubt in my mind it was a 10. I understand the price tag is a little high, but the old saying you get what you pay for resonates loudly with this cigar.  I enjoyed everything about it; the nuances were pleasant and with a worry free construction, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy. The time and effort that RBH has taken in the making of this cigar is apparent with every draw, and I for one am grateful I had the opportunity to review it. Now I said I would tell you how you could get these at a cheaper price, so here we go. Richard Herman has informed me that the RBH cigars can be ordered at his site, or by contacting him directly. Shipped, the cigars will cost you a whopping introductory pricing of $40 per stick for the Corona Gorda and $30 per stick for the Churchills and Torpedos, which only come in boxes of 10. And if you are feeling exceptionally gregarious, purchasing five boxes will get you one free box.

I know many of you would like to get a three pack or something before jumping right into a box. Well, my friend, you’re in luck. I am feeling a strong need to share these awesome cigars with others, so I’ll be giving away a three-pack to one lucky TCC email subscriber that is a $120 value.

Here’s what you need to do to win: 

1) Subscribe to Tony’s Cigar Corner email list for monthly giveaways! ( you can do this in the footer (at bottom of page) of my site)

2) Share this review and tag 3 friends (more times you share the more entries you get)

3) Go like RBH Cigars facebook page.

4) Leave a comment below!

Too easy!

Winner will be announced through email Thursday, August 20.

And….. GO!

As always thanks for spending your precious time with me here at Tony’s Cigar Corner!



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9 thoughts on “RBH Corona Gorda Natural and ***GIVEAWAY!***”

  1. That cigar looks amazing! Talk about expensive…I can buy two Cuban Behike’s for the same price! I’d really like to give this cigar a try! Thanks so much for the contest Tony!

  2. I’ve seen these on a few of the groups and guys are raving about them! I love trying new stick! Much success to you!

  3. Excellent review! What a stunning list of flavor nuances and complexities! Would absolutely love to fire one up!

  4. Thank you for the incredible opportunity to try these cigars! Your review and the photos have me craving one.

  5. Nice cigars, Richard is a local guy and his cigars are top notch.. As is he..


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