Remember Cuba Cigar Liga # 1

Name: Remember Cuba Cigar Liga # 1

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Size: 5 x52

Wrapper: HVA Vuelta Abajo DR

Binder: Criollo 98

Filler: Habano 20/20 Corojo

Shape: Robusto

Price: $5.50 shipping included


Good morning, all! Welcome back to another review here at Tony’s Cigar Corner. This morning I have the pleasure of bringing you a cigar that I am sure you have probably seen floating around numerous Facebook cigar sites: The Remember Cuba Cigar. I picked this stick up from Mr. Christian Celuzza who is one of the most passionate people I have met in the cigar industry. He is especially passionate about his cigar. I had the pleasure of enjoying one of his original RCC’s almost a year ago. This was before the new boxes and bands so I am excited to see the changes he has made in the line since that time. With that being said, let’s get into it!


The Liga # 1 comes wrapped in a gorgeous, light brown Dominican wrapper. It has tight visible seams, a very slight tooth, minimal veins and is very tightly packed. The body has no soft spots or discoloration. The RCC is capped off with a cleanly placed double cap and is finished with a clean foot. The new bands on the RCC are a big improvement from the old ones. If I remember correctly, they used to be a simple red band that said Remember Cuba on them. Now, they have a very elaborate white and gold double band that is very eye catching. A very attractive stick.

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:


Evaluating the body of the RCC, I am able to pick up on strong earthy notes. Making my way to the foot of the cigar, a moist earth and a subtle sweetness make themselves noticeable.

On the cut, I am able to achieve a straight clean cut using my double guillotine cutter. I find the pre-light draw to be easy, with notes of earth making their way through the draw and flowing onto my palate.

On the light, I have no issues. The leaf of the RCC took to the flame very easily and with one draw the foot lit up bright red, leaving me with a cleanly lit cigar. On the first draw, I pick up notes of pepper, sweetness, and what tastes like a cookie to me. I want to say gingerbread, but that’s not quite it. It was a very nice combination of sweet and spice. Either way, it is pleasing. Let’s get further in and see what this RCC has in store for us.

At the end of the 1/3rd, the RCC has been a delight. The cookie flavor that I was picking up has completely fallen off. There is still a very nice pepper note on the palate. It is not overwhelming but is noticeable and is an especially nice addition to the very big leather I am picking up on now. The leather really came out of nowhere. I took a draw and BAM there it was. This suits me just fine, as leather is one of my very favorite nuances to find in a cigar. The smoke output was very thick and heavy on the palate and is very aromatic, really enhancing the smoking experience. Burn lines are wavy, but the RCC has been able to maintain without any assistance from me. The ash is a nice, semi-flaky white ash that has been holding on strong past the first transition point. So far so good. I’m excited to see what the 2/3rd will bring.

Making my way through the 2/3rd, the leather is still the main player, but there has been a meaty note that made its way in. The meatiness started on the palate, then gradually moved its way back on to the long finish. The smoke has continued to impress; it is so thick and chewy. I feel like I am chewing through it when I draw through the body. The ash and burn lines have been consistent, not razor sharp but not needing any attention. Reaching the first band, I had no issues with removal, being a self-adhesive it came right off. Onward to the last third.

Reaching my stopping point in the last third, the RCC has continued to be very consistent, not having many transitions. The leather is still out front and in control of the palate. The meatiness has fallen away with the pepper notes re-emerging on the retro. Burn lines are still wavy but are staying self-controlled and not interfering with my smoking experience. The ash is still a light gray color and has been falling about every inch or so. It is still a bit flaky. Smoke is still very pleasing, with thick smoke on the draw and aromatic on the exhale.


Smoking Characteristics:

Smoking the RCC has been a pleasant experience. The burn lines were a bit wavy but maintained internally by the RCC’s solid construction. I have really enjoyed the smoke output. The thick, chewy smoke has really added to the overall experience and is something I personally enjoy. In the 1/3rd, the ash held on to the transition point and after falling about every inch, maintaining a very nice white/light gray ash that is very appealing. At no time did I experience any tunneling or burn issues. The body of the RCC stayed cool to the touch never overheating, even though I was drawing more frequently than I normally do. The RCC has proven to be a solidly constructed cigar.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

Having smoked the RCC in the past, I kind of knew what I was getting into and this new line did not disappoint. With strong construction and consistent flavor profiles, Christian Celuzza has maintained his superb line of cigars. It is a shame they have not received more attention, as it is a very nice cigar that offers a pleasing smoking experience. He has taken great pride in the line he provides and it is displayed in his cigar. I think this is a smoke that you should give a shot, especially if you enjoy leathery notes as much as I do.

To get your hands on the Remember Cuba Cigar. Please visit their website at And let them know Tony’s Cigar Corner sent you !

Once Thank you for spending some time with me today! Stay Smoky my friends!


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