Reposado ’96 Habano

Reposado '96 Habano

Allow me to ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind of course, I’m just being nosy. First, do you appreciate the cigar making abilities of AJ Fernandez? How about, do you like a nice Cuban seed Nicaraguan filler wrapped in a spicy habano wrapper? Do you like larger Solomon shaped cigars? And lastly, are you cheap like me and always looking for a deal?

Well look no further. What I have here today is the Reposado habano, a creation from AJ Fernandez who is known for amazing cigars both in flavor and quality. The Reposado is a larger cigar, 7×58 roughly, in a Solomon shape so its slightly fatter at the foot, and being sold for around $3 a stick, its good for any budget. I bought a box of these, 30 of them for $99, a bargain by far, and they have been resting in the humidor for around 2 months at this point. Construction and appearance-wise, these are a quality cigar, a nice dark tan wrapper, a nice firmness to the body, and at the foot, there is a nice little tobacco nipple to light. Like a lot of people have said, the draw is tight when you light it. The reason? That little nub on the end. Small hole equals harder draw. Once you smoke it for about 30 seconds, you work your way through that nipple and into the main body of the cigar, and the draw opens right up to perfection. Easy draw, lots of billowy white smoke and great habano flavors. The typical leather, earth and black pepper, and medium in strength. These are also fairly slow burning, you can get an hour and a half to two hours out of it, depending on how you smoke. It tends to have a good semi even burn with very few relights or touch ups. One thing to keep in mind, it does not like to hold its ash, as I have been typing this, I have ashed myself twice. Then again if I don’t ash myself at least once a day, I don’t feel normal. I have seen people bash these cigars, saying they are crap, however I think they are full of crap. I think they are basing their thoughts on these cigars by simply looking at the price and thinking, these are cheap so therefore they are crap. They have quickly become one of my favorite daily smokes, cheap price, great flavor, medium strength so its something you can puff on all day long. I will definitely be keeping these as a regular in my humidor. Only downside I can see about these, if you are like me and have to order cigars online, its not something you can buy a 5er of to try, you have to snag a box. But either way, I don’t think you will be dissapointed and you will smoke them all up anyway. Try them out, they come in the habano wrapper and also maduro and conneticut, so you have options.

Until next time, enjoy whatever you are smoking whether its a 50 center or a $100 stick.

Bearded Bastard signing off. For now.

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