SUBLIMES Cigar Review


 Country of origin: Nicaragua

Size: 5 3/4 X 54

Wrapper: Habano-Rosado grown in Ecuador

Binder: Habano-Corojo grown in Honduras

Filler: Habano-Criollo grown in Nicaragua

Shape: Double Robusto

Price: $ 7.50


SUBLIMES cigars have been sold mostly in South Florida since 2004. It was not until 2011 the SUBLIMES cigar company decided it was time to take their cigar national. SUBLIMES cigars initially set up operation in Little Havana, hand rolling every cigar. But soon demand would become so great that they would have to seek operation elsewhere. And in August of 2013, the SUBLIMES cigar company set up production in Estelí, Nicaragua where today they are still hand rolled using some of the finest Cuban seed around.


The sublime cigars comes to me today cloaked in a toothy, reddish hue habano wrapper, capped with a clean double cap. The body is tightly packed with no soft spots, has tight invisible seams, and a cleanly cut foot. The band on the SUBLIMES is simple but classy. The gold lettering against the white background is a beautiful contrast against the reddish hue on the body of the cigar.

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

On the pre-light draw, notes of cocoa, earth, and spice made themselves present. The draw itself was absolutely perfect, just the right amount of resistance. On the first draw, I was slammed with a huge spice bomb that made my entire mouth tingle.  An inch in now, the pepper has finally relaxed, my mouth in full salivation mode, now picking up on notes of a gentle cocoa and wood. The woodiness being right out front and the cocoa lasting long on the finish. The spice was still present, more so on the retro hale than on the palate. The burn lines were doing very well, almost razor sharp with a densely packed grayish-white ash. So far, absolutely beautiful. The 2/3rd was much of the same, flavorful notes of cocoa, and cedar. The only change was the spice that moved onto the finish, accompanying the long cocoa finish. The flavors were a solid medium and I was starting to pick up a slight strength.  The strength was not overbearing. The flavors in the last third have not changed, but they did change positions. The cocoa has pushed its way onto the front, leaving the woodiness and pepper for the finish. The SUBLIMES was still filling the room with large plumes of aromatic smoke. The burn lines were spot on with almost razor sharp burn lines. The SUBLIMES flavors were medium to full bodied and the strength was mild to medium. Even though I could feel the strength, it never made me run for the hills.

Smoking Characteristics:

The SUBLIMES cigar performed at the highest of standards. Never needing any attention, near razor sharp burn line, beautiful ash, big clouds of smoke, and nice flavors. What else could you ask for? The burn time was right over the 1 hour mark, leaving me wanting more. The SUBLIMES cigar is a good example of less is more.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

The SUBLIMES cigar was another cigar I had never seen or tried. This cigar is an excellent value for its price range and I would recommend this stick to anyone. I plan on getting some to stash in my humidor! With that being said, the website states “The process of creating these superior cigars, combined with the careful cultivation of the finest tobacco available limits the number of SUBLIMES cigars that can be produced each year.” Definitely keep a look out and grab some when you can!

You can get your hands on some of these SUBLIMES cigars by messaging Scott from NY on his Twitter @bcigarsales. If you don’t have twitter you can email Scott at

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