Sun Grown as the Sun Sets

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Realizing that I am not the smartest or most articulate person in the world, I once again find myself sitting in front of a blank screen trying my best to figure out what to type out. What is on my mind? What am I thinking? I’m thinking I like cigars, my beard is mildly itchy at the moment, and oh, look at that, the laptop could use charging. That then leads me to think, if the laptop dies then you, dear reader will be spared the torture of sitting through another one of my ramblings. If you happen to be seeing this then, alas, you were not spared. So as I sit here pecking at the keyboard in my well honed and skilled two finger method, with some White Stripes flowing through the headphones, I will pick and peck my way through the description and experience with the current cigar that droops from my furry lips. The Bobalu Sungrown.

It’s no secret that I enjoy the cigars from Bobalu, as I have done a few reviews of their products, and have also encouraged you out there in the world to to not only visit their website and to try them out. So here we go again, another Bobalu. The sun grown was developed for the 15 year anniversary of the Bobalu movement, and is composed of a blend of Cuban seed Nicaraguan fillers, wrapped up in a Nicaraguan Habano. The particular one I smoked was the 6×58 box pressed Gordo ($8.95 each on the website). A very nice looking and constructed cigar, reddish brown wrapper, triple capped, simple red band proclaiming that in your hand is indeed, a Bobalu Sun Grown. The whiff test revealed a nice, strong barn smell that I personally enjoy, and after a clean V cut, there was a perfect draw that had nuances of grass and hay. Being a fan of the movie Blazing Saddles, I decided to pay homage to Mongo and light this cigar by thrusting my fat head into a campfire. Ok I didn’t. I don’t care for the smell of burning hair, and with the beard oil I use I’m sure I would go up in flames like Jersey girl with 3 cans of hairspray in that fine coif that acts like a helmet. All that aside, I lit it with a single torch lighter after a good round of toasting and started puffing away. At the start I god a good amount of leather and earth which then got milder to a nice balanced flavor of both leather, earth, a tiny bit of pepper, not in the spicy way that is normally found in a Habano. The smoke had almost a nutty, chocolaty smell to it. A very balanced and smooth smoke that is on the medium to full spectrum. This particular cigar also had around 6 months of age in the humidor, I think that really made the tobaccos meld and work together. Burn-wise, really satisfying. Very few touch ups were needed, the ash was a nice dark gray that held up pretty strong. I huffed and I puffed on this cigar, and when my mustache started to singe, I dug out the knife and smoked it to the blade. Yes, it was that good. A very satisfying smoke, and at $8.95, a good deal. Buy some, let them rest for a month or more, or even do what I sometimes do, have one right off the bat and save a couple to age longer then see how the flavors change. These are exceptional with age on them.sun grown 3

Until next time, put on some music, have a drink, and smoke something. Do it now. Because I said so.


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