The Asylum Lobotomy

The Asylum Lobotomy

Shape: Toro

Size: 6 x 50

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper Color: Maduro

Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan

Wrapper Leaf: Habano
When it comes to medical procedures, I would never want to get a lobotomy. I mean, who would?? It is right up there at the top of my list of hell no procedures. Unless of course that Lobotomy happens to be in the form of a cigar straight out of the Asylum itself… the Asylum Lobotomy! Since its creation in 2012 through the collaboration of Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa, the Asylum Cigar Company has been on fire, producing full-bodied monsters that will push your taste buds and intestinal fortitude to the limit. And as it just so happens, now you can add them to the list of top-notch companies that are teaming up with Famous Smoke Shop.

The Famous Smoke Shop’s exclusive, limited production Asylum Lobotomy is described as a full-flavored, full-bodied blend of all Nicaraguan tobaccos featuring a Habano Maduro wrapper. The cigars are available in four sizes: 4 x 44 Petite Corona, 6 x 50 Toro, 6 x 60 Double Toro, and a 7 x 70. They are available in ten count boxes, with the exception of the Petite Corona being sold in 20 cigar bundles.

Now let’s light up, smoke up and get Crazy!



The Wrapper

The Asylum Lobotomy comes veiled in a smooth, semi-oily Habano Maduro wrapper. The body has tight visible seams and is not too densely packed, as there is a slight give to the body. It is, however, evenly packed with no soft spots. There are a few veins that run along the body and it’s capped off with a neatly placed double cap.


Body Notes

On the body, I experienced strong barnyard nuances and a moist earthy aroma.

Asylum Lobotomy


Smoking notes

Upon the light of the Lobotomy, I was immediately introduced to a strong peppery note that eventually joined notes of cedar wood as I progressed through the 1st/3rd. Moving closer to the 2nd/3rd the Lobotomy really started to get into the groove, with the introduction of a subtle sweetness that was complimentary to the peppery finish. But the really exciting goods were going on between the front of the palate and the finish, where the notes of cedar wood and what I can only describe as a kind of salted caramel and cocoa notes were present, which reminded me of those drinks sold at Starbucks, sans toothache and sugar rush. It was rather interesting. Pushing on into the last third, the sweetness and salted cocoa/caramel note gradually fell to the wayside and I was left with the initial notes of cedar wood and pepper which continued with me to my stopping point.


Asylum Lobotomy



No complaints here! From the start, the Lobotomy had a perfect draw, almost completely effortless. Burn wise the Lobotomy performed flawlessly, keeping a razor-sharp burn all the way to the finish. At no point did I have to perform any touch ups or relight.



The ash on the Lobotomy was a densely packed, dark gray ash. While smoking, I only lost the Ash twice, once at the half way point and again at the start of the last third. Each time the ash fell off in a solid clump.



Overall Impression

Famous Smoke Shop has been on a roll lately with their exclusive lines of cigars and this is another to add to the list. The lobotomy is a well-constructed, medium bodied, full flavor cigar that will keep you wanting to indulge more, unashamedly, in this rich, flavorful cigar experience. Not to mention the price point–at 40.99 for 10 of these Toro cigars you won’t be breaking the bank. This would make an excellent every day stick and I would encourage anyone to give them a shot.

Do you feel a little crazy? Think you might need a Lobotomy? Well click here and get you some!




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