The Cigar Commander is now part of our team!

The Cigar Commander is now on our team!

  • June 27, 2015
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Happy smokiness to all of my Brothers & Sisters of the leaf! My name is Eric C Howard, but most know me as “The Cigar Commander”. I am honored to be part of the Tonyscigarcorner team. I am a US Army veteran from the cold war period and served with tank units during my time in the military. I have been a lover of the leaf for more than 3 decades, and love sharing my experiences and opinions of some delicious cigars with my followers. I am married and have two grown adult sons. I currently reside in Georgia about an hour north of Atlanta and am always looking for friends to enjoy a great smoke with. The most important thing to always remember is, Enjoy what you smoke…because YOU like it!

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Tony Rubio

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