Up from the ashes….and other such cliches……

I get a little excited when I get the chance to try something brand new on the market. Trying a new line or blend from an established company is one thing, but to try something from a newly established company is completely different. In the past I have had the chance to review a new company’s product, and unfortunately, they failed miserably, crap product is putting it mildly. Frankly, an embarrassment to the cigar community. And that’s what I reported. If I think it’s good, I say it is. If its shit, well, I will say so. When you are an up and coming company, word of mouth and reviews can help tremendously, so I guess I can be a little more critical of them, because its a rough business and a lot of competition out there, so to make a good impression, you better have a damn good product. Enter into the ring tonight, Phenix Cigars. These guys are so new that it was just recently they got a website up and running, phenixcigars.com. As of right now they have just one blend up for sale, but I have been told there are more on the way in the very near future. Awesome, I look forward to it.

The Phenix I got to try out this evening is a 5×54 boxpress, a nice brown Ecuadorian H2000 wrapper, with Esteli long fillers and binder. Sounds incredibly promising just from looking at its stats. The cigar ring itself is pretty stylish, brown like the wrapper with gold lettering and a gold Pheonix in the center. Again, promising. Alas, lets continue with the sniffing and pyromania.

The sniff test revealed a robust tobacco and cocoa scent, yummo. I ended going with a punch cut on this cigar, why? Because I felt like it. I know there’s people out there that would poopoo on me because of it, explaining that the cut of the cigar can effect the flavor of what you are smoking. I simply cut with what I happen to have closest to me and go from there. Dry draw, I got leather, earth and a touch of spice, and a perfect draw. Time to set it on fire and see what it’s all about. This smoke started out with leather, earth, cedar, and had an interesting peppery bit that hit you on the back of the throat, rather bold tasting. As the smoke went on, the flavors developed even more, the spices really coming through and slapping you between the eyes. The flavors them selves were real bold in my opinion, and I feel that with time resting they will meld together more cohesively. I’m rather impatient so I am smoking this after just a two day rest, give this puppy a few weeks I bet those flavors would mellow out and really kick ass. Also due to the lack of resting this cigar seemed to be a bit on the strong side, but then again thats how I like them. A kick in the teeth and in the pants.

Basically, if you want to try something new, like a good strong habano wrapper that surrounds Nicaraguan goodness, this one is for you. I was impressed by this offering from Phenix, and urge everyone to give it a try. Awesome construction, flavor and its run buy a group of cool guys. Check out their site phenixcigars.com, order a 5er or a bundle, for around $9 each, they are a bargain. I have had some that are double that price and were garbage. This company has a high amount of potential in my opinion, and I wish them the best of luck with everything. It’s not easy carving your spot out there, but if you keep turning out products like the box press, you will get there.

Until next time, smoke a Phenix, be happy, and stop peeking in my windows.

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