Urbano Maduro

Name: Urbano Maduro 

Size: 5 x 50

Wrapper: Maduro

Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican short filler

Shape: Robusto

Price: $ 1.00!!!!!!


Hello and welcome back! Today is going to be my first review in a new line of reviews that I am going to call Penny Pinching Cigars!! Now if you are like me, you love to smoke great premium cigars but don’t always have the money to smoke the Padron and the Opus X on an everyday basis. That is why I wanted to start the Penny Pinching Cigars review, because I am on a quest to find great tasting cigars with an even greater price tag!  And today’s penny pinching cigar is the Urbano Maduro Short filler. On the Urbano website I could not actually find the short filler, but I did see the mixed filler. I am not sure if they are the same, but for today, the cigars are short filler because that is what the packaging says. Now, just because I am reviewing this stick from Urbano, don’t think that all they make are cheap sticks. The Urbano Cigar Company has a rich history of making handmade premium cigars, many with 90+ ratings. So I am sure if they can make a top of the line premium cigar, they could make a top of the line bundle cigar for us penny pinchers! So let’s get into it!


The Urbano Maduro comes to me today with a rustic looking, oily, dark Maduro wrapper. It is slightly veiny, and has nice tooth covering the body of the cigar. The foot is a little ugly, seems like it  wasn’t cut cleanly and it looks like there is some leaf pushing out of the bottom, but nothing to freak out about. The body is firmly packed, no soft spots, tight invisible seams, and a nice double cap. A very nice looking cigar

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

The fragrances come off the body and foot are ones of earthiness and a slight hay. The body also has a very subtle cocoa or chocolate aroma; a nice smelling cigar. The pre-light draw gave me notes of earth and hay. The draw was easy and smooth, which I hope stays true during my time spent with this cigar.The first light greets me with flavors of pepper and slight sweetness on the finish. The draw, as I expected, is very nice requiring no effort to get nice plumes of smoke. As I moved further into the 1/3rd, the pepper has fallen off, being replace with a sweet leather and a nice tobacco flavor. The smoke on the draw, being very rich and creamy, compliments the leather flavors very well.Transitioning into the 2/3rd the biggest change was the smoke. The creamy, rich smoke that I was first greeted with disappeared, leaving just a leather and a nice tobacco. At about the half way point the Urbano transitioned away from the leather and was replaced with a very subtle nuttiness. Unfortunately, the nuttiness did not last long. Leaving me with simply a nice tobacco flavor that lasted through the 2/3rd and all the way to the very end. In the last third, a slight pepper did creep in on the finish and was very noticeable on the retro. The smoke also made a comeback becoming very creamy in the last third, just like it was in the 1/3rd. The Urbano finished up with nice tobacco flavors, and a very nice creamy smoke. Not too bad.

Smoking Characteristics:

The Urbano Maduro was a pleasure to smoke. It had a very nice draw, burns line were straight, and burned at a very nice rate. At no point did I feel like I had to work to keep this bad boy alive. Hell, at one point I walked away for probably about 3 minutes and when I came back it was business as usual, like I never left it alone. The ash was a nice salt and pepper color, holding on to the half way point before falling off. All in all a very well-constructed cigar.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

So in the end, the Urbano Maduro had nice  flavors, mild to medium at best, very good construction, great smoke output, and at a buck a stick, it’s certainly a great deal. This would be great humi filler cigar, to give to any moocher friends who really don’t know much about cigars, or to smoke while you are outside finishing up your honey-do list.  I would definitely purchase a bundle of these to have, I don’t really see how you could go wrong, but now it has me thinking… if their bundle stick are this good, how good are their premium line?

There it is brother, the first Penny Pincher Review!  Keep a look out for more to come!

And always remember to keep it on the level!



Who is Tony Rubio? Well first and foremost, I am a husband, father, and son. Secondly, I am a Master Mason. All of these things put together make me the man that I am today.

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